Green hydrogen from the Spreewald: Lhyfe and Enerparc cooperate

“For the competitive production of green hydrogen, cheap electricity supply is of crucial importance. The direct supply of locally produced solar power for electrolysis is therefore particularly effective, “says Armin Scherl, Team Leader Systems Engineering at Enerparc.

Thinking about the energy transition regionally

Luc Graré, Head of International Business at Lhyfe, emphasizes that the targeted development of local hydrogen ecosystems is a decisive milestone for the climate neutrality of numerous municipalities. Climate protection begins at the local and regional level.

Only recently, the Lhyfe team opened what it claims is the world’s first hydrogen production plant, which is directly linked to on an industrial scale
Onshore wind turbines produce green hydrogen. In Tübingen, Lhyfe is involved in the H2goesRail project of Deutsche Bahn. The establishment of decentralized supply points should serve in the long term to reduce the European Union’s emerging dependency on imports. (amo)

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