Film director Ciro Durán passed away at 84 years of age

Ciro Duran

On the morning of this Monday, January 10, national media reported the death of film director Ciro Durán. The director of several of the most important productions in the country was 84 years old and, according to the first reports, he died after years of fighting a disease that had been afflicting him for some time. He was born in Convencion, in the North of Santander, in 1937, and He made his debut in the audiovisual world, in 1962, with his creation ‘La paga’. What is known so far is that he died on his farm, accompanied by his relatives.

Durán initially advanced his professional studies in chemistry and mathematics at the National University of Colombia, however, he ended up studying film and television in Caracas, Venezuela. It was there, precisely, when he published ‘La Paga’, a creation with which he intended to highlight the life and struggle of the peasant union. This work opened the doors to him, and he ended up making, in co-production, the Colombian-Venezuelan film Aquileo revenge in 1968. In that tape he narrated what happened years after the Thousand Day War.

In an interview with the Department of History of the National University, he revealed that his father did not agree with his studying cinema, because, according to him, that profession would not allow him to earn enough money to eat. “I wanted him to study dentistry, but I didn’t like that”, said the filmmaker before revealing that he studied Chemistry by way of consensus with his father.

“Caracas impressed me a lot. Half of the population was foreigners. I was discovering many new worlds through the cultural groups that we form, always with the shadow of cinema as the main pretext “, he detailed about those days.

Then came ‘Gamín’, a crude documentary in which he exposed the complexity of children living on the streets in the country. That acclaimed audiovisual product earned him a Golden Owl in the 4th Colombian Institute of Culture Film Festival – Colcultura (Colombia); participate in the Directors’ Fortnight at the International Film Festival, Cannes, from France; and the winning of the Donostia Award for new filmmakers in the Film Festival in San Sebastián, in Spain.

Under his name there are also productions such as Children of two worlds, made for German Television in 1979; and the documentary feature film Penny war, a co-production with the television network Second German Television from Germany, developed in 1985.

Snow Tropical was another of his works, a fictional feature film in which he portrayed the love story. It was co-produced in the United States and was released in 1990. The ship of dreams, meanwhile, in 1996, recounted the feat of some people who wanted to fulfill the famous American dream.

The takeover of the embassy, ​​launched in the 2000, was a tape that recreated what happened during the Seizure of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Bogotá by the guerrilla group M-19.

Durán was a member of the jury panel for the Leipzig 1978, Moscow 1981 and Montreal 1984 Film Festivals. The filmmaker also participated in productions such as ‘Corralejas de Sincelejo’, in co-direction with Mario Mitrotti; ‘Tayrona’, ‘Children of two worlds’, ‘The four ages of love’ and ‘The war of the penny’, the latter a documentary about public transport.

“Ciro Durán’s filmography left a mark on Colombian cinema with his particular look at the social problems of our society. Today we say goodbye to this memorable filmmaker and we send our condolences to his loved ones, ”wrote the spokesperson for Signal Colombia on their social networks.

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