Chinese cities, facing Covid-19 as the Winter Games approach

Just weeks before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics (from February 4 to 20), several Chinese cities are affected by outbreaks of the coronavirus. However, albeit on a limited scale, China’s “zero covid” strategy is implemented.

Here is a summary of the measures taken at the various sites:

– Xi’an (norte) –

The 13 million inhabitants of one of China’s ancient imperial capitals, known for its celebrated army of Qin Dynasty ‘Terracotta Warriors’, are currently in their third week of confinement.

The city faces an outbreak of the pandemic, registering some 2,000 infections in recent weeks.

This is very little compared to the situation in many other countries. However, it is the biggest focus in China since 2020.

Specifically, its inhabitants have the right to go out to buy supplies only once every three days. They cannot leave the city. Non-essential businesses are closed.

Although supplying its inhabitants globally proved its effectiveness during previous confinements in other regions of the country, thanks in particular to mobilized officials and volunteers, in Xi’an they proved more complicated.

Its inhabitants complained of difficulties in accessing food. And others could not make it to the hospitals, due to excessive zeal.

Last week, a senior local official publicly apologized after the miscarriage suffered by an eight-month pregnant woman. His rejection in a hospital for not having a negative test for covid in force caused a great uproar on social networks.

The Xi’an authorities also admitted that some residents found it difficult to stock up on food. In recent days, this problem seems to have lessened.

– Tianjin (norte) –

Located about 100 km southeast of Beijing, this large port city with 14 million inhabitants reveals concerns more than others, since at least two patients were infected by the highly contagious omicron variant.

On Sunday, the authorities urged the population not to leave Tianjin, “unless there is a compelling reason,” and prohibited any unauthorized departure.

The schools are closed and the entire population was checked.

However, this focus is limited, but it is controlled like “milk on fire” because of its proximity to Beijing.

Rail links connecting Tianjin with the capital were suspended. The checkpoints deployed on the roads prevent any vehicle coming from this city from entering the capital.

– Henan (centro) –

Several cities in Henan province tightened their restrictions as they saw an increase of more than 250 cases since the end of December.

The provincial capital, Zhengzhou, imposed lockdowns on some neighborhoods and ordered their 13 million inhabitants to be tested.

The city of Anyang on Monday reported 18 new cases, including two from the omicron variant linked to the outbreak in Tianjin. The municipality implemented covid tests for its 5 million inhabitants.

The sale of long-distance train or bus tickets from Anyang was suspended, and roadblocks were erected.

Measures taken to avoid leaving the city and spreading the virus to other parts of the country.

– Beijing –

As the Olympics approached, the capital launched its “closed circuit” concept this week.

The objective of this health bubble is to avoid any direct contact between future visitors (athletes, officials, volunteers, drivers, cooks) with the Chinese population in general.

All those who access this “closed circuit” must be fully vaccinated or observe a quarantine of 21 days after arrival.

The daily detection of covid-19 will be imposed on the bubble.

Outside of this “closed circuit”, the measures are much less strict for Pekingese. However, the city prohibits the access of people from places that have registered cases of covid in the last two weeks.

They also require submitting a negative covid test performed within the last 48 hours.

– Shenzhen (on) –

After finding a few cases in recent days, this metropolis where many high-tech companies are based has confined some residential complexes, launched a general detection campaign, and some long-distance bus stations have been closed.


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