CDMX: a man threw himself from the Río Becerra Viaduct vehicle bridge


During the morning of this Monday, January 10, a man of approximately 40 years of age He died after falling from the vehicular bridge of the Río Becerra Viaduct, in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office.. According to the first versions, the man would have climbed to the top of the structure to throw himself into the void.

The man surprised pedestrians and motorists when he went up to the second floor of the San Antonio Road Distributor, at the height of Patriotismo avenue.

The C2 cameras captured him walking on the road going to the highest part of the vehicular bridge, where he remained for several minutes to the astonishment and concern of the other people who observed him.

Moments later the man decided to throw himself from the second floor, approximately thirty meters high. The body was left lying on the high-speed lanes, in the San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood. He was wearing black tennis shoes and a red sweatshirt.


Paramedics from the Medical Emergency and Rescue Squad (ERUM) went to the site to take the man’s pulse, however, They confirmed that he no longer had vital signs.

For several minutes the vehicular circulation was affected due to the presence of the police and the emergency units. The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) deployed a device of Traffic elements to speed up the road.

They rescued a man who tried to commit suicide in the Metro

(Photo: CDMX)
(Photo: CDMX)

On October 18, authorities of the Metro Collective Transport System of Mexico City published on their social networks a delay of the train in the Line b that runs from the station Aztec City And till Buenavista.

Minutes later, the intervention of the officers was announced Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of the Mexico City, attached to the Auxiliary Police (PA), who prevented a man from hurting himself, after trying to throw himself on the tracks between the station Olympic of popular public transport, on the perimeter of the Mexico state.

According to the official report, the events occurred when surveillance personnel of the Metro They came alerted about an emergency on a section of the train tracks, on Avenida Carlos Hank González and Central avenue, colonia Aragon Gardens, Municipality of Ecatepec, so they immediately approached the point.

At the site, the police observed when a subject was climbing the cyclonic mesh that covers the area of ​​tracks, who apparently intended to throw himself into the passage of the train, which is why activated security protocols and they requested the corresponding support.


The elements of the police were immediately transferred to the area. Metro Industrial Safety, from Ecatepe Municipal Policealmost as Civil protection, who cordoned off the emergency site and cut the electrical power to the roads, to allow rescue work to be carried out.

However, it was the agents of the Auxiliary Police who made immediate contact with the citizen and established a friendly dialogue with the aim of preventing the man from making an attempt on his life.

Official reports indicate that after several minutes of discussion the officers, they managed to gain his trust and they convinced him to back down with his surprise decision, so they coordinated the support with the work teams and helped him to descend once and for all from said mesh.

The capital’s police officers took him to the vicinity of a safe place, while paramedics assisted him and assessed the 36-year-old man’s health. According to the latter, man was diagnosed with a nervous breakdown, without this threatening a transfer to the hospital.


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