Carolina Viggiano: the profile of the PRI and Going through Mexico to win in Hidalgo

The PRI and the Va por México coalition promoted Carolina Viggiano as a candidate for Hidalgo (Photo: Twitter / @alitomorenoc)

Goes through Mexico made official the registry of Carolina Viggiano, federal deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), as a candidate for the governorship of Hidalgo. A gesture that ends with the uncertainty within the tricolor about the profile that will compete against National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) in one of the six entities that will renew their local executive.

This Sunday, January 9, the public event was held in which hundreds of citizens gathered, the candidate and the three leaders of the parties that make up the coalition promoted by the businessman Claudio X. González.

Through social networks, Alejandro Moreno, national president of the PRI, uploaded a photo in which he goes out with his peers from National Action Party (PAN) Y Party of the Democratic Revolution (FART), Marko Cortés and Jesús Zambrano, respectively, with which the approval of the other two parties that make up the Va for Mexico is guaranteed.

The leaders of Va por México were present at Carolina Viggiano's ceremony as a candidate for Hidalgo (Photo: Twitter / @alitomorenoc)
The leaders of Va por México were present at Carolina Viggiano’s ceremony as a candidate for Hidalgo (Photo: Twitter / @alitomorenoc)

“The militancy of our coalition is united, because we are moved by the causes of Hidalgo! We are going to move hand in hand so that Carolina Viggiano is the next Governor of Hidalgo!”Wrote Moreno Cárdenas after the presentation of the teacher in Political Communication and Strategic Governance.

On his own, Viggiano Austria thanked the support that was shown him and reiterated his commitment to the entity. “With deep love for the land that gave me birth, I registered as a candidate for governor of the state by the Coalition Va Por Hidalgo. To Hidalgo I owe everything that I am and I am going to give him every minute of the day; I will fight with determination for our land, because Hidalgo is our homeland”, He wrote on his social networks.

It should be remembered that, in addition to Hidalgo, this year governorships will be renewed in Durango, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo, Aguascalientes and Oaxaca. Therefore, the political forces of Mexico have already begun preparations for their candidates to reach local executives.

Alejandro Moreno and Omar Fayad met in Hidalgo to discuss the PRI (Photo: Twitter / @alitomorenoc)
Alejandro Moreno and Omar Fayad met in Hidalgo to discuss the PRI (Photo: Twitter / @alitomorenoc)

In addition, with the confirmation of Carolina Viggiano, an outbreak of tensions between Omar fayad, current governor of Hidalgo for the PRI, with Alito Moreno. This is because the selection of the profile suggested that it would be from a PAN instead of a PRI.

And it is that a few days after the end of 2021, the governor of Hidalgo severely criticized his party, as he pointed out that the PRI gave up the candidacy of the governorship before the PAN, with whom he goes in alliance.

The Permanent Political Commission of the PRI handed over the candidacy for the governorship of my state, Hidalgo, to the PAN; in an act to which I was not summoned, being a member of this same commission, “wrote Omar Fayad on his official Twitter account.

Alejandro Moreno pointed out that Fayad was submissive to AMLO (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Alejandro Moreno pointed out that Fayad was submissive to AMLO (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

He also added that this constitutes “another of the many grievances” that have been made to the militancy. In that sense, he endorsed his support for the party, but not for the leadership of Moreno Cárdenas. “The PRI is not bad, the bad thing is the decisions of its leaders; They believe that the militancy does not realize this farce, that it only skips all the procedures to impose a candidacy through National Action ”, he closed.

In consecuense, Alito Moreno assured that the annoyance of the local president is attributed solely to personal interests, also said that Fayad Meneses “He has shown submission and dedication” to the president’s administration Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

“Over the last few years he has shown his submission and commitment to power. We are not going to allow him to hand over the state of Hidalgo to Morena “

Therefore, the selection of the deputy stands out in this atmosphere of tension, outlining the PRI as a party that can lead the Va por México coalition and have a better chance of beating Morena in this year’s electoral process.


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