Alberto Fernández: “The Supreme Court has a very serious operating problem”

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, in a file photo. EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

President Alberto Fernández assured today that “The Supreme Court of Justice has a very serious operating problem” and considered that, in his understanding, “the Justice service works badly not for a former Vice President or a President, but for citizens.”

In this sense, the president questioned that “the Court only had speed to act in some cases ” and put as an example “How long did it take to accept a per saltum in the case of Bruglia and Bertuzzi? The operation of the highest court is striking, without a doubt “he insisted. Speaking to Radio 750, Fernández said that “Justice seems to be a closed preserve for the opposition; every time one talks about Justice they react in an incredible way ”.


Among the criticisms mentioned by the president, he gave as an example the judicial situation facing Milagro Sala, the social activist who is detained in Jujuy for a series of crimes that the Justice verified and that went through several instances of review in the Justice, among them, also, the Supreme Court. “There is something that is malfunctioning, that today Milagro Sala is arrested is that there is something that is malfunctioning”, Interpreted Alberto Fernández.

“I want to be respectful of the institutions, but I am also a man who respects the rule of law and who understands that Justice is one of the three powers of the Republic,” continued the Head of State. In addition, he contrasted the current situation of the head of the Judiciary with the reform carried out by the first Kirchnerist government: “We did not look for judges who were similar to us. This is how Elena Highton, Lorenzetti, Zaffaroni, Carmen Argibay arrived, who was so important, and there were even three members who deserved all our respect, who were (Augusto) Belluscio, (Enrique) Petracchi and Carlos Fayt. It seems to me that from the moment the Macri government proposed to appoint two judges of the Court in commission, credibility began to deteriorate. When you look at the current performance, the issue is very worrying “.

In that line, he charged against the sentence that declared unconstitutional the Kirchnerist conformation that he gave to the Council of the Magistracy, a decision that he described as “Amazing” from the legal point of view. “A freshman knows that a law that has been repealed can never regain its usefulness by a sentence. You need another law to put it back into effect. Here the Court did that, said: “I declare this law unconstitutional and therefore I leave in force the one that Congress itself repealed.” That is, in legal terms … I’m going to use the word awesome to be generous”.

The president’s statements thus reiterate the criticism that he has raised about the highest court during his term and that were renewed by statements from officials who in the last hours even supported a mobilization against the Judiciary.

In the same interview with the journalist Nora Veiras, Alberto Fernández questioned a sector of the opposition for their rejection of the negotiation that the national government maintains with the Monetary Fund for the debt of 44 billion dollars that he inherited from the management of Mauricio Macri. As with the issue of the Court and Justice, Alberto Fernández blamed a sector of Juntos por el Cambio for the state of Justice.

The case of the Gestapo against trade unionists

Alberto Fernandez also rejected the arguments made by María Eugenia Vidal about the meeting where a former minister spoke of creating a “Gestapo” to persecute trade unionists and said that “it is a crime to use the machinery of the State to overturn it to the detriment of a person and build the reasons to be able to stop it ”. In this regard, he pointed out that “it is very worrying that he has sent a minister and a mayor to meet with intelligence agents and businessmen to invent a way to imprison a trade unionist” and said that if for Vidal “this is an institutional action, I give up”.


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