Actor Axel Arenas sued the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office for moral damage: he demands a public apology

The actor asks for a public apology from the authorities of Mexico City

The actor Axel Arenas has reappeared after being singled out in 2018 by the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City as feminicide of the Argentine model Karen Alién Grodziñski. With this accusation of which he managed to prove his innocence, the actor saw his public image damaged, in addition to having been arrested and imprisoned.

In addition to the case of the model, the image of Arenas has been seen recently and erroneously linked to that of one of the aggressors of the young Ainara Suárez, who at the beginning of 2021 denounced the influence Yosstop.

“My reputation and public image, as well as my artistic career, have been seriously affected, since the public will always be in doubt as to whether I am really innocent -As is the case- or if being guilty I was released as in so many other cases that go unpunished, especially since alarmist prosecution publications always have greater effect and dissemination than the subsequent news of exoneration, “said the actor this morning. January 10 at a press conference accompanied by his lawyers.

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