70% of post office delivery workers “still sorting”

▲ The Post Office Struggle Headquarters of the Courier Union holds a rally condemning the breach of the social agreement by the Postal Service in front of the Filial Self-Defense Center near the Blue House on the afternoon of the 10th.

According to a social agreement in June of last year, postal delivery workers should also be excluded from sorting from January 1. The Post Office Headquarters of the National Courier Union (Chief Director Joong-hyun Yoon) urged the implementation of the social consensus and foretold a hunger strike in front of the Blue House next week.

The Post Office Headquarters held a press conference in front of the Hyo Self-Security Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th and announced the results of a survey conducted on about 1,000 union members from the 7th to the 9th. Seven out of 10 respondents (71%) answered that “classification has been carried out since January 1.” When asked to what extent the individual classification (classification work) is progressing, 41.2% answered “it is not working at all”, and “70-80% progress” (21.4%), “90% progress” (19.3%), “50- 60% progress” (14.1%) followed. The parcel consignment delivery person who has not been handed over the delivery volume for each individual will take over the delivery volume for each team. This means that the parcel consignment delivery person has to sort the quantity handed over by each team.

When asked about the change in total working hours, 69.6% answered “similar”. One in four (25.7%) answered that their working hours had increased. 16.9% answered “It ends 1 hour later than before” and 8.8% answered “It ends 2 hours later than before”.

Kim Myung-hwan (50), who works as a parcel consignment delivery person in Mapo-gu, Seoul, said, “37 people have to digest at least 7,000 to 12,000 packages, but none of them have been individually classified (after the 1st day).” “Even if we do classification, we do not receive a separate fee because the cost of classification is already included in the fee.”

General Manager Yoon Joong-hyun said, “If a reasonable and reasonable level of position is not presented by this week, the leadership will start a hunger strike in front of the Blue House from next week.” said

On the 29th of last month, the Postal Service Headquarters said, “Individual classification is mostly carried out in local areas, and in the metropolitan area, it is difficult to hire manpower necessary for sorting work, so only some areas are being carried out. We plan to promote the individual classification of parcel consignment delivery personnel.” It has stated that it is included in the existing fees for classification work.


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