They arrested the son of Antonio Ríos: they accuse him of abusing an 8-year-old girl

Daniel Ríos is detained, accused of abusing an 8-year-old girl

Arnaldo Daniel Ríos, son of the renowned cumbia musician and singer Antonio Ríos, was arrested in the last hours in the Buenos Aires party of Lomas de Zamora by the local DDI, accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl in 2017.

Rivers -which is effective from the City Police- It had been denounced in 2020, when the victim was 12 years old, and the girl’s parents had been demanding her arrest for several months.

According to the complaint, Ríos, 32, would have sexually abused the girl-niece of whom he was his partner until 2018- in several opportunities, inside the house where he lived in Lomas de Zamora.

The abuses would have occurred in the same house divided into two floors on Flores Sánchez street at 1400 in the town of Ingeniero Budge: The victim’s mother lived with her daughter and parents on the ground floor, and Ríos with the girl’s aunt lived on the first floor.

In this context, according to the complaint filed by the victim’s mother at the beginning of 2020, the policeman had sexually assaulted the minor several times inside that house, who had been forced to touch and sexual activities while threatening her with a firearm: “If you tell something I will kill your mother”.

“My mother had sent her upstairs to look for salt and that was where she happened the first time. Then it was repeated ”, Lorena, mother of the victim, told in an interview with the channel Chronicle. “She did not dare to tell me because she knows how I am. So she told one of my sisters, who told my mom and she told me. By this time I had gotten married and moved two blocks away. There she told everything but then the pandemic started and everything stopped “, he pointed.

On December 12, when the minor was summoned to testify in the Gesell Chamber, the victim’s family members met the accused at the prosecutor’s office, who had also been summoned in relation to the case. At that meeting, the victim’s grandmother and mother, along with other relatives and friends who had come to support the girl, insulted him and filmed him with a cell phone. “Son of a bitch, do you think that because you’re gray you’re going to take her from above?”they yelled at him.

This Saturday afternoon, at the request of the prosecutor Claudia Sánchez from UFI No. 9 of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Police troops Ríos was detained at a service station located at the crossroads of Calle Lisandro de la Torre and the former Camino Negro.

Ríos -who is domiciled in Banfield and belongs to the Buenos Aires security force since 2018- was detained accused of aggravated crime of repeated sexual abuse for having been committed against a minor taking advantage of the pre-existing coexistence situation and configuring a seriously outrageous submission.


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