Sheyla Rojas: ex-partner Pedro Moral married Fabiola Garavito

Pedro Moral got married this Saturday, January 8. (Photo: Instagram)

In 2019, Pedro Moral asked the hand of Sheyla rojas in the middle of a romantic surprise, however, it would all end in a scandalous breakup, where one would cross it as “misio”, while he would qualify it as “interested”. Time passed and each one of them has rebuilt their lives. While Pedro began a relationship with a young woman named Fabiola Garavito, the blonde is in Mexico with a partner nicknamed ‘Sir Winston’, Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, a successful businessman from Zacatecas.

On this occasion, Pedro Moran made news after taking the next step, he married his beautiful girlfriend in the middle of a private ceremony, where only family and close friends were invited.

“Legally married, I love you my love. What an incredible love story. We go for more stories together, nobody stops us, Fabiola Garavito ”, Pedro Moral wrote on his Instagram account, which attached a photo of him with his wife today.

In addition, through his Instagram stories, he shared beautiful moments of the ceremony, where they both celebrate the day and seal their love with a big kiss.

on his Instagram profile next to a photograph where we see him posing next to his brand new wife.

Given this, the reactions did not wait, friends and followers applauded this new stage of the young man and wished him well.

While Fabiola did not hesitate to also use her Instagram account to post the happy moment. “I have no words to describe how happy, content and excited I am to start this new chapter with you. With the love of my life, with whom I want to be for the rest of my life. Pedro Moral, I love you “the young woman wrote.

As recalled, in a previous interview, Pedro Moral pointed out that with his current partner he could finally sleep peacefully, unlike when he was with Sheyla Rojas.

“That is priceless. This peace I would not sell for anything in the world. When he was with Sheyla he was always ‘rotten’, alert ”, indicated Trome at the time.

Asked if he was in love, the young man indicated: “It was not love. It was like going to a store and buying a product that became more and more priceless ”.


In an interview for Love and fire, Sheyla rojas He indicated that he would like to marry, because she had found in her boyfriend the man she was looking for. As it is remembered, Luis Miguel Galarza Muro or ‘Sir Winston’, as he calls himself, welcomed Antonio Pavón, his girlfriend and Antoñito into his luxurious home. The Spaniard indicated that he met the businessman and gave her his blessing, thus highlighting the good relationship they had had.

In some videos you can even see them enjoying a dinner and some tequilas. According to the bullfighter, he made them feel at home. In addition, to highlight that there is in day, has a good relationship with the mother of his child, Antoñito.

I am the most sincere in the world, I have a feeling of happiness, I feel tremendously happy because I see that Antoñito’s mother is happyShe feels calm, that serenity has been transmitted to us here at home“Antonio Pavón said at the time.


Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, known as Sir Winston, is the Mexican boyfriend of the Peruvian model Sheyla Rojas.

Although the ex-driver of You are in all has tried to keep her identity private, it is known that Sir Winston is a businessman entering the construction industry. He is a native of Zacatecas.

“IT’SHe is nothing public. I can only say that he is not a rancher, he is not a farmer, he has nothing to do with shady things”, He limited on the rumors that his partner would engage in illicit businesses.

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