“San Bartolo”, the play that portrays the victims of the Sodalitium, returns to the theater

“San Bartolo” returns in its third season. Photo: Diffusion

While the criminal complaint about the Sodalicium case still in search of justice, return to the scene “San Bartolo”, this January 13, starting the 2022 programming of La Plaza Theater. The work written and directed by Alejandro Keyboard Y Claudia Tangoa, part of the interest in understanding the relationship between power and faith, through the stories of adolescents and young people who were victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse by members of the Sodalitium of Christian Life (SVC) in their training spaces. One of them located in the spa that gives the title to the work. What was happening inside this Catholic group? No one knew until, years later, they started talking.

The play is based on testimonies and various journalistic sources, mainly in the book “Half monks, half soldiers”, by journalists Pedro Salinas and Paola Ugaz. It also addresses the real story of Álvaro Urbina, who participated in one of the Sodalicio pastoral centers and was the victim of sexual abuse by his spiritual advisor. In addition, it also includes excerpts from Sodalite texts and songs and journalistic documents.

The testimonies of ex-sodalites, young people seduced by the ideal of changing the world, who were willing to leave their family, their identity and their body behind; raise their voices in the play and come to life through outstanding performances by Italo Maldonado, Diego Pérez Chirinos, Juan Carlos Pastor, Claret Quea, Vasco Rodríguez and Nicolás Valdés.

On the other hand, the authors resorted to sources and information from similar cases that occurred in other countries, such as the case of the Karadima priest in Chile Y The Legionaries of Christ in Mexico. This documentation allowed them to recognize the dynamics and systems of abuse that exist in some religious organizations.

“We hope that ‘San Bartolo’ connects the public with the Sodalicio case, which should not go unpunished. As citizens, we cannot be oblivious to this situation: we can have different opinions, but not be indifferent “they commented.

“San Bartolo” It is suitable for people over 14 years old and it runs from Thursday to Monday at 8:00 pm and on Sundays at 7:00 pm. at La Plaza Theater. To enter the theater, it is an essential requirement to present a complete vaccination card (physical or virtual) and fill out the symptomatological form obtained when buying tickets, through: https://entradas.laplaza.com.pe/checkout/45211

Teatro La Plaza starts the season with the play "San Bartolo".  Photo: Diffusion
Teatro La Plaza starts the season with the play “San Bartolo”. Photo: Diffusion


Last Saturday the house of Pedro Salinas, author of the book “Half monks, half soldiers” (with Paola Ugaz), she was raided by prosecutor Eddy Elías. The objective, according to the journalist, was to have his computer confiscated just when he was preparing a new publication about the religious congregation Christian Life Sodalitium (SVC), investigated for sexual abuse.

The objective, according to resolution, was to seize my phone and my computer (the latter was not taken, but almost). Therefore, I am, at this moment, absolutely incommunicado“, wrote.

Salinas believes that the raid on his home is one more attempt by the Catholic congregation to amend it since in 2015 it published “Half monks, half soldiers”, which tells the testimonies of victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse allegedly committed by the Sodalitium.

“In my case, they have tried to confiscate my computer at the time – what a coincidence! – that I am on the verge of finishing my last book on Sodalitium, which contains new and updated information on this” society of apostolic life. “added.

The reason for the registration against Pedro Salinas was to investigate the hiring in 2017 of the journalist’s consultant by the then Attorney General Pablo Sánchez to offer communication advice.

“This complaint seeks to involve me in an irregular act as a result of a communication consultancy that I did in 2018 to the Public Ministry. This consultancy was totally regular and transparent, and is justified with documents “, wrote.

Pedro Salinas recalled that his colleague Paola Ugaz, with whom he wrote the book, has also been followed up.

“All this in the context of a rude, almost routine use of using justice as a key to intimidate journalists. Paola Ugaz has not stopped inventing lies since 2018, when a systematic siege against her and me began. And, although the Sodalitium denies it, there are firm suspicions that some of its members are behind this persecution “, he stated.

Finally, the journalist said that the prosecutor Matamoros Curipaco, assuming the position of the defense of Luis Fernando Figari, “He wants to close the Sodalicio Case so that it is not investigated further, thus truncating the investigation of the Organized Crime prosecutor’s office.”


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