Robinson Díaz and Alberto Barrero return to the stage with ‘Mucho animal’

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From January 13 to March 20, those attending the iconic Chapinero Free Theater will witness the return to the tables of Robinson Diaz Y Alberto Barrero placeholder image, two friends and colleagues who return with a new montage of their comedy ‘Much animal’.

As explained to Infobae Colombia the Antioquia actor, remembered for his leading roles in television productions such as Neighbors Y The President’s Wife, the new commitment to this story will maintain its base in mischief and animal sexuality, with which it seeks to teach viewers how to become a “complete beast” in bed.

“‘Much animal’ is a parallel between human and animal sexuality, in which we show behaviors that we have investigated in animals and that for us as humans could be absurd or strange, but when we see them from the point of view of our intimacy becomes very funny. It is almost an hour and a half of laughter because it is to see how the animals make us see how to improve or worsen our behavior in those moments, “he said.

On the other hand, Robinson Díaz explained to this medium that the assembly of this work is totally new, because it brings more music, precision and experience than 10 years ago, when it was first introduced.

“The crazy things that you are going to see are delicious, because that story is not only a trip to the world of animals but to imagination, absurdity, madness and many other things. I recommend that you go as a couple and enjoy!”added the famous artist, recognized with India Catalina, Simón Bolívar and Tv y Novelas awards.

Photo: courtesy
Photo: courtesy

Similarly, Alberto Barrero reiterated in an interview with Infobae Colombia What was said by his partner on stage and that is that, even if he has been a spectator of the first presentations, he can repeat the work because he will very surely laugh again as before.

In addition, he made clear the reasons why they decided to resume the new season of ‘Mucho animal’ and why they should attend the theater, which has suffered so much with the covid-19 pandemic.

“Basically we return because the work still works, after several years it is still very current and it is basically to laugh, it is not to philosophize or speak scientifically. It’s about that, having fun like animals, because the public really enjoys seeing how we play with the truth of animal sexuality and the comparison we make with our daily lives, “said Barrero, remembered for his roles as Ubaldo in ‘Neighbors’ and Tulio de la Cruz in ‘El cartel’.

Finally, both actors recalled that their new season of ‘Much animal’ It will be presented on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 at night, for which the ticket office is already on sale.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

It is worth mentioning that Robinson and Alberto have known each other since they were very young, since they shared in the same theater group and, later, in several productions for Colombian television. Which is why it is evident that the two complement each other very well on stage and that his return to the theater will give much to talk about.

“I feel a special affection and great admiration for Robinson Díaz, because he is a man who has had a great career in Colombia and has been a teacher for many, so it is inexcusable not to be in one of his presentations.” Barrero concluded.


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