Presidential Human Rights Counselor, talks about the violence that is being generated in Arauca against minors

Recruitment of children for war in Colombia. Reference image – Getty images.

Given the panorama of the department of Arauca, the presidential advisor Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, According to his statements, he would be working to increase the presence in territories and prevent the violation of human rights of children and adolescents.

“The Colombian state has a series of mechanisms, routes, organizations to do all the task in terms of prevention” said Gutiérrez, presidential advisor for Human Rights.

Violence has been a constant in the country, an armed conflict which has been going on for more than 70 years, and which, despite a peace treaty and several future generations, continues to impact the coffee-growing country. Arauca is a great example of this since in just the first days of this year, a figure of more than 24 deaths has been reached. This department has been one of the most affected by the confrontations between the ELN group and the FARC dissidents.

This has the Ombudsman’s Office with concern, who issued an alert a few days ago due to the high risk of recruitment of minors.

The prevention route consists of an alliance between different departmental and local authorities in order to make decisions focused on the prevention of recruitment; for a protection of integrity. In the words of the counselor, it is necessary to take minors out of the territory and take them to their own families to take care of them.

Although also an important point of this prevention route is the participation of the people, where they invite citizens to report them in a timely manner for the immediate reaction of the authorities. According to Gutiérrez’s comment, since 2019 prevention routes have been activated, consisting of territorial tables with the aim of coordinating actions aimed at preventing any type of armed violence against minors.

The presidential advisor for Human Rights spoke about the security problem suffered by Arauca. “Let us remember who are responsible for the recruitment and the violation of human rights, they are the illegal groups. Both the ELN and the FARC dissidents are leading a territorial dispute and that unfortunately puts the human rights of the population in the area at risk, therefore the need to act and activate prevention routes precisely to safeguard the integrity of the girls and children”.

A constant argument that the government uses to clarify the conflict is the interaction that Venezuela has had, since having about 300 km of border with that country, the government points to the Orinoco nation as one in charge of giving protection to the members of the various illegal armed groups.

“The state has not stood still, however here the risk is caused by organized armed groups that are being confronted by the public force, security organizations but also that have the border with Venezuela, a country where many bandits have taken refuge. that affect human rights in Colombia “ the counselor Nancy Gutiérrez mentioned to the media.

The Ministry of the Interior, advances the call for entities such as the Intersectoral Commission for the Prevention of Recruitment, Use and Sexual Violence against Boys, Girls and Adolescents (Ciprunna), and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (Icbf) to be present within the routes response to early warnings.

For his part, one of the traditional figures of national politics such as Germán Vargas Lleras, pointed out in his column on Sunday that these situations are insufficient. “None of this is new or surprising. How many safety tips and announcements have taken place to analyze and take action against this situation?

For now, the inhabitants of Arauca hope that the violence that already has participation in six of the seven municipalities of the department will stop.


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