Octavio Ocaña: what will happen to “Benito Rivers” in the new season of Neighbors

Los Rivers (Photo: Instagram / @ Neighborsoficial)

After little more than two months of the unfortunate death of Octavio Ocaña, the recordings of the new season of Neighbors, the series that saw him grow both personally and professionally, so it transcended what happened to the endearing Benito Rivers in history, a character that the actor played since he was a child.

It was on October 29, 2021 when the Mexican interpreter died from a gunshot to the head just a few days after his 23rd birthday. Octavio Ocaña was involved in a police persecution in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, Events that to this day remain under investigation and his family continues to fight to clarify the event with the help of a legal representative.

The deep pain caused by the loss of the young Tabasco is still present among his companions of NeighborsHowever, they had to continue with the recordings of the new season. In this regard, Juan José Origel shared that Benito Rivers will continue to be part of the comedy series, as it will be continued by saying that he went on a trip.

Octavio Ocaña played Benito Rivers from his childhood to adulthood (Photo: Twitter / @ Vecinosoficial)
Octavio Ocaña played Benito Rivers from his childhood to adulthood (Photo: Twitter / @ Vecinosoficial)

“The great expectation of all the public is to know what will happen to the character of Benito Rivers, which was Octavio Ocaña. The production decided that they are going to say that the boy is going on a trip and the girlfriend will only have contact with by phone”, He said in the program Excuse me.

So far, the information about the fate that the family member will have Rivers It has not been confirmed by the cast or any element of the show’s production team. However, it is known that at the end of last December the first calls for the new season began and the first scenes were already obtained without the deceased actor.

Darío Ripoll Y Eduardo Spain They surprised their followers on social networks with some photographs that were taken on their return to the recording set where the iconic scenery came to light. He was in charge of giving life to Luis San Roman who accompanied a postcard with a heartfelt message about the environment that was experienced after the irreparable absence of his partner.

Villanueva and Darío Ripoll (Photo: Instagram / @ darioripollh)
Villanueva and Darío Ripoll (Photo: Instagram / @ darioripollh)

Everything ready to start the new seasons of Neighbors 12 and 13 with mixed feelings, but very grateful for this project that has given me so much! … Thank you family for all your love and support during these 16 years, “wrote the actor.

Darío Ripoll uploaded a selfie to his profile that he took with Mayrín Villanueva. It should be remembered that Luis Y Silvia make up one of the main couples in the program. Meanwhile, Eduardo España also shared his fans on social networks some photographs of the cast that he took while the production team was getting everything ready on set.

After the sensitive death of Octavio Ocaña was announced, some actors spoke about a possible tribute within Necinos. In this regard, an actress of soap operas such as If they leave us, My heart is yours and I love Juan Querendón commented that the well-deserved tribute would be present throughout the show.

The Ocaña brothers were very close (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)
The Ocaña brothers were very close (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)

The tribute is over and each chapter, each recording will be dedicated to him, because it is very hard. I do not even want to imagine the pain for his people and therefore to respect as much as we can “, remarked the actress in an interview for Televisa.

On the other hand, a few days ago Bertha Ocana He took to his Instagram account to ask for support from fans to find photos and videos of the day the actor died. Octavio Ocaña’s sister launched a petition so that all those who have material that may be key in the investigation, share it with the family, as she assured that “Your help can be essential”.


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