Nuevo León will prioritize the mixed model for back to school in the face of the fourth wave of COVID-19

(Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)

In the face of the accelerated increase in fourth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico, the Nuevo León Health Secretariat announced that the model will be prioritized mixed, hybrid or remote for him back to class the 10th of January.

The Secretary, Alma Rosa Marroquín, announced that the educational facilities will continue to be open for the next school year, however, will be the fathers or mothers family who decide whether or not to bring their sons or daughters to class.

For this reason, he assured that all educational centers will have suitable conditions for teaching classes. Still, he appealed to infants with comorbidities opt for distance education, as they appear as one of the populations most vulnerable to the virus.

“If we have it well cared for and with the measures to recommend (the school), it can be an even safer place than being at home (…) If we have children with comorbidities, we must choose distance education.”

(Photo: Omar Martínez /
(Photo: Omar Martínez /

Given this measure, the Education secretary state announced the start of the booster vaccination for teaching staff next January 12. There will be no defined capacity for educational centers-

For his part, the governor, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda, detailed that the decision was made considering the progress of the immunization of minors of the program cross-border vaccination, whereby the antigen was administered to near 50 thousand infants.

“I am not going to deprive those 50 thousand children already vaccinated from going back to school.”

However, and in that vein, the official revealed the creation of a platform to register girls and boys already vaccinated; this, he commented, because its exact figure is unknown, since several families would have come on their own to receive the biological in the United States.

Mexico broke its historical record of infections since the pandemic began by registering 30 thousand 671 infections in the last 24 hours (for the cutoff of January 8) and exceed the 300 thousand deaths (for January 7).

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