Néstor Villanueva affirms that he will fight for the love of Florcita Polo: “I will do it until she allows me to”

Néstor Villanueva reaffirms his love for the mother of his children. (Photo: Instagram)

Last December 2021, Florcita Polo Diaz She told live during a program on América Televisión that she was going through a strong marital crisis with her husband and father of her children Nestor Villanueva.

“You cannot cover the sun with one finger. We are going through a very strong marriage crisis. Let’s hope we try to recover our relationship and if not, move on for the sake of our children.“He said at the time in” America Today. “

Given this, the cumbia singer denied what the mother of his children said but after a few days he accepted that they were not having a good time.

Despite the fact that a few weeks have passed since the controversial statements of Susy Díaz’s daughter, the cumbiambero held an interview with the newspaper on Trome and he did not hesitate to emphasize the love he feels for his partner. He also noted that he will continue to fight to keep his family together.

“My love for her has not changed. I will fight until she allows it “he began by saying. “If you don’t want anything anymore?”, was one of the questions and to which the singer answered: “I have to accept it.” He also stressed that he feels that love has not ended.

On the other hand, Néstor reaffirmed that his relationship with the daughter of Augusto Polo Campos was never to take advantage of his fame, since they married with separate assets. “Many may say that you are supported”, can be read as one of the interview questions.

“People know that I am not like that. I take care of my children and something else …I am married to Flor with separate assets. It was because they talked about looking for their money and it was never like that “, replied the national singer.

Finally, he denied having cheated on Florcita Polo. “I have a clear conscience, they have never seen me do anything wrong, people who really know me know how I am and that I think is enough.”

Let us remember that Néstor Villanueva was surprised by the cameras of “Magaly Tv. The firm “last December where he is seen surrounded by a group of friends and with a friend of his with whom he would have been romantically linked.


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