Metro CDMX: safety recommendations in the face of the increase in user flow

Metro cdmx (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Given the return of more people to work and academic activities for next week, after the holiday season, the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro made a call to follow the recommendations of the security and transportation personnel assigned to platforms arrival of trains, turnstile lines and transfer areas.

Through a statement, the STC highlighted that the instructions of the security personnel expedite the maneuvers for the boarding and descent of train users. Likewise, he highlighted allowing the free closing of train doors, avoiding the fall of personal objects to the track zone and respect the descent from other users before boarding.

Similarly, the agency asked to anticipate the transfer times and routes, mainly in the hours prior to entering preschool, primary and secondary schools to avoid crowds.

Also, perform with advance the card rechargea of Integrated Mobility toll, or where appropriate the purchase of tickets at the ticket office.

(Photo: Rogelio Morales / Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Rogelio Morales / Cuartoscuro)

The Metro called not to lower our guard and maintain hygiene measures, properly use the mask, completely covering the nose to the chin, use antibacterial gel, as well as avoid ingesting drinks or food inside the wagons.

Mexico faces the fourth wave of COVID-19 amid the global alert for the variant Omicron, in such a way that only in 24 hours they reported 30,671 positive cases, a record number in the pandemic so far, exceeding the 28,953 registered on August 18, 2021 and reaching a total of 4,113,789 infections.

And it is that the advance of the variant Omicron In recent weeks, the daily numbers of infections in Mexico have skyrocketed, which have grown by almost a 234% from the previous week, breaking marks never seen before.

In the CDMX, authorities have stated that although positive cases have reached the levels that were recorded at the peak of the second and third waves, hospitalizations have not accelerated at the same rate.

(Photo: Reuters / Luis Cortes)
(Photo: Reuters / Luis Cortes)

However, the IRAG Network of the federal Ministry of Health indicated in its most recent report, dated January 8, that there are already five mayoralties with critical saturation levels in hospitals by patients who are seriously ill for coronavirus.

Is about Azcapotzalco, Tlalpan and Tláhuac, who register a 100% saturation hospital in general beds; while Iztacalco reports 83% and Coyoacan 81% in the same type of spaces. So far, the rest of the capital demarcations are at levels below the 70% occupancy.

Regarding the occupation of beds with a fan, Tlalpan is the only city hall that registers a 60% saturation; likewise, it is the only one that has a 100% occupancy beds with ICU ventilator.

Given the rise in positive cases, the Health Secretariat of the entity (Sedesa), asked the residents of the capital to remain calm and isolate themselves immediately in case of symptoms.

(Photo: Reuters / Luis Cortes)
(Photo: Reuters / Luis Cortes)

Through a statement, the agency pointed out that the population that presents symptoms should be assumed as a positive case, even if the test has not been performed, and call Locatel for medical attention.

“In case of symptoms, it is preferable be assumed as positive, without taking the test ”, it reads.

Sedesa indicated that if symptoms increase, You must go to the corresponding medical units if you are an older adult or person with comorbidity. He also recalled that runny nose, cough, sore throat, cut head and body are symptoms linked to the coronavirus.


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