Melissa Paredes reveals that Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza’s interview in America Hoy left her in shock for 5 days

Melissa Paredes was shocked after an interview with Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza. (Photo: Instagram)

Melissa Paredes was shocked by the incisive questions of Janet Barboza Y Ethel Pozo in America Today, and it took him 5 days to recover, this was pointed out by the journalist Thais Casalino during an interview for a well-known newspaper. According to, explained the host of Women in Command, The model felt mistreated by her former driving partners, as they did not give her the opportunity to defend herself.

It should be remembered that Casalino interviewed Melissa Paredes, it is precisely here where The actress confirmed that she has a month-long relationship with dancer Anthony Aranda. This interview will be broadcast on Monday, January 10 by Mujeres al Mando.

“She told me that she felt violated at that time, I suppose that after a situation like this she was kind of in shock and she did not know how to properly construct her arguments. She thought they were going to give her a space to talk ”, Thaís told Trome.

The communicator indicated that Melissa Paredes only went to tell her truth, but the only thing she felt in her own workplace are attacks from the TV host.

“What they did, as he says in the interview, was like judging her and attacking her head-on. She says that she was in shock for 4 to 5 days because she did not understand what was happening because her truth is what she has always said from the beginning: That she was separated “, He said.

It should be noted that Melissa Paredes gives this interview after several weeks of silence and after divorcing Rodrigo Cuba. And although her relationship with Anthony Aranda was an open secret, due to the publications they both made on their social networks, the actress finally confirmed their romance.


Melissa Paredes celebrated the New Year with Anthony Aranda, friends and family of the dancer. The former model went on that occasion without her daughter, as she had to stay with Rodrigo Cuba, her father.

Here the young woman enjoyed the last weekend of 2021, and did not hesitate to publish it through her social networks. And although she always took care that the dancer did not appear in any image, it was evident that they were celebrating together, since the choreographer made his publications in the same environment where she was.


After divorcing Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo Cuba decided to rebuild his life with the entrepreneur Ale Venturo. Through some photos in Instagram, the couple made their relationship official. It should be noted that this link was already a rumor since New Years, the date they were captured together for the first time. The young couple does not hide their love and they have even gone out in a Double date with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi.

Even, Infobae released some images where both enjoy a day of playa, the sight and patience of many curious, who do not hesitate to take photos and videos.

'Gato' Cuba and Ale Ventura are captured quite affectionate on the beach.
‘Gato’ Cuba and Ale Ventura are captured quite affectionate on the beach. (Photo: Infobae)

Ale Venturo is a young entrepreneur, influencer and father of a girl. Her name rang out for the first time because she was in love with the reality boy Ernesto Jiménez. In addition, she is best friends with the former beauty queen, Natalie Vértiz.


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