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Status: 10.01.2022 12:34 a.m.

In Italy, the 2G rule has been in effect in many areas since today – including hotels, restaurants and ski lifts. The virologist Streeck advises a pragmatic approach to the pandemic. All developments in the live blog.

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Virologist Streeck for new ways of dealing with pandemic

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck has spoken out in favor of a pragmatic approach to the pandemic. “The idea is slowly gaining ground that we need to deal pragmatically with the pandemic in order to learn to live with the virus. In contrast, the permanent alarm condition is tiring and unsuccessful,” said Streeck, who is also a member of the German government’s expert council.

He warned that the exposure in the hospitals should “continue to be monitored carefully and, if necessary, to react with measures”. This also includes “validly recording the hospitalization incidence”. This currently shows all patients who are admitted to hospital with a positive corona test. Experts and politicians are therefore calling for only those patients to be included in the characteristic value for whom Corona is also the reason for hospitalization.

12:34 am

Italy: Further restrictions on travel

In Italy, further restrictions apply as of today. The 2G rule now applies in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, ski lifts and local and long-distance transport. This means that only people who are verifiably vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from the disease are allowed access. German tourists can use the QR codes on their vaccination certificates in Italy.

This extends the restrictions in everyday life, especially for the unvaccinated, a negative corona test is no longer sufficient for many places. The government reacted to the sharp rise in new infections. The most recently officially determined seven-day incidence was a record high nationwide with an average of 1,669 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

12:34 am

New validity period for vaccination certificates from February

From February 1, the vaccinated status will apparently be shortened for people who have been vaccinated twice against Corona. As of that day, “EU digital vaccination certificates for basic immunization” will be invalid after 270 days, reports “Bild”, citing the response of the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health Sabine Dittmar to a request from Bundestag member Wilfried Oellers (CDU) about a decision by the European Commission. According to this, the recognition period for digital vaccination certificates from the European Union for basic immunization will be set at 270 days. “Due to a lack of scientific knowledge, there is no maximum recognition period for booster vaccinations themselves.”

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