Items joins standardization initiative


BO4E is the acronym for “Business Objects for Energy”. It stands for the standardization of data transfer from software application to software application by standardizing the “docking stations” (interfaces) of the applications.

“In terms of content, the software products differ from one another,” explains Schroer, “with regard to the transmission of information, however, they all follow a predetermined pattern, the BO4E standard.” The chairman of the non-profit association, Peter Martin Schroer, compares the business objects for Energy with a “common language” that is spoken by all software applications. “They get along with each other straight away. The time-consuming development of individual interfaces is no longer necessary. In this way, data transfers are faster and safer. “

View over the rim of the Telller

Items expects above all knowledge and inspiration from the exchange and cooperation with the other members of the interest group for business objects in the energy industry. Christian Wessel: “It will be exciting to discuss new solutions in digitization in a diverse group of consulting, service, energy supply and software companies.”

“Each member has their own position and goals,” he continues, “that enables us to think outside the box, which is always important.” In addition, Items also wants to set its own impulses and actively help shape the BO4E software standard, for example in Relation to the network and water management. “We see ourselves as drivers of innovation and want to continue setting new standards in our industry,” says Wessel, “The Business Objects for Energy fit in perfectly with this context. For us, they can become an important prerequisite for progression, both in our own company and in the market. “(Sg)

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