GOLPERU journalists ‘fight’ live: “We have been on the program for 24 minutes and you get upset”

Jesús Arias and Vicente Cisneros in tense live debate for GOLPERU.

GOLPERU’s ‘Extra Time’ program returned with everything. Jesús Arias and Vicente Cisneros warmed up live while debating the friendlies of the Peruvian team. Tense moment was controlled by ‘Titín’ Drago, former technician and panelist.

Everything seemed very normal at the beginning, until they touched on the subject of the foreign players in League 1 who should line up against the Peruvian team. As is known, this will take place before the friendlies against Panama and Jamaica.

Ricardo Gareca seeks, in these 3 duels, to arrive in the best way to the restart of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, where he will visit Colombia and then receive Ecuador. Regarding the ‘coffee growers’, Vicente Cisneros mentioned Luis Díaz, who plays in Porto.

“Luis Díaz is on another level, he is another batch, he is one of the best in the world… but it is right and it goes to the left … “, said the commentator, without imagining the annoying reaction of his partner live for GOLPERU.

“Let’s not get into trouble that Luis Díaz has a superlative level, because that way we no longer play against Jamaica”, Jesus Arias launched indignant with the comment of Vicente Cisneros, who tried to explain why he said it.

“Don’t bother anymore… you’re already bothering yourself. We have been on the program for 24 minutes and you get upset “he replied to the narrator. And after a short pause, ‘Titín’ Drago entered to calm the waters on set.

“The first day you can’t be like this, so controversial. Leave it to Vicente. It’s the first, so yellow card. Quiet, “said the former Sport Boys technician, among other Peruvian soccer teams.

In the end, the fact did not pass to greater and ‘Extra Time’ continued its course, on its return to the GOLPERU programming, facing the matches of the Peruvian team and the start of League 1 2022.


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