Elections in Barinas: the opposition denounced that the Maduro regime deployed military and intelligence agents to intimidate voters

Opposition leader Freddy Superlano (EFE / Rayner Peña)

“Without a doubt, Barinas is militarized. After the elections of November 21 we already had a large presence of the military establishment. Now it has been empowered with police officers, FAES, the intelligence service, “said Freddy Superlano the Venezuelan opposition candidate who won the elections for Governor on November 21 but that the regime annulled through the Chavista Supreme Court.

Superlano even said that it shows in the hotel occupancy of the State. As revealed, it is complete by the number of governors, ministers and leaders of the dictatorship and their environments who transferred all the machinery to support Maduro’s candidate, Jorge Arreaza. “They all brought their own court,” he ironically

Superlano also denounced that the entire deployment is part of an intimidation campaign, but affirmed that it is not having effect since the influx to the polls is massive and he trusts that it will be in favor of the opposition to the Maduro regime.

Infobae had already reported that the military is willing to play tough in the Barinas elections. It is no coincidence that the Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb) published a list of 17 “contingency telephone numbers” for complaints to be made or information provided during what they call Operation República Barinas 2022.

All the high officials were deployed to Barinas, making sure to make it clear that they are there, uniformed and armed.

The government was for two decades in the hands of relatives of Chávez himself, but in the regionals on November 21, the opponent Freddy Superlano was emerging as the winner until the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), in an absolutely unusual and arbitrary maneuver, ordered to suspend the count and repeat the elections.

He alleged that Superlano – who at that time had 37.6% of the votes compared to 37.21% for Argenis Chávez, Hugo Chávez’s brother and candidate for reelection – was disqualified due to judicial investigations. However, the opponent had been included in a list of amnesties by President Nicolás Maduro in August 2020, so the reasons why he was once again disqualified are unknown.

Desperate, the regime chose former Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza for this new election instead of its original candidate, who resigned to be reelected after the defeat avoided by the sentence.

Chavista Jorge Arreaza and opponent Sergio Garrido
Chavista Jorge Arreaza and opponent Sergio Garrido

Sergio Garrido replaced Superlano, after the wife of the excluded leader and another possible opposition candidate were also disqualified.

The third in contention in these elections is Claudio Fermín, considered a dissident of the opposition by the majority anti-Chavez bloc, who accuses him of having sold out and presented himself to divide the voters.

The value of Barinas goes beyond the symbolism of being the land of Chávez. There is its agricultural and oil potential and its proximity to the border with Colombia, with areas where activists denounce the mobilization of armed irregularities. The process summons 607,000 of its 870,000 inhabitants.

Furthermore, 2022 is a year in which the opposition could attempt a referendum to revoke Maduro’s mandate.


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