contrast tea

▲ Reporter Jeong Ki-hoon

People say it’s worth living in a place where the sun shines even if it’s cold. I also know that sitting quietly in the shade is painful to the bone. Everyone becomes a sunflower in winter. However, there was little work to be done between the dense forest of tall buildings. Usually people are cold in the shade. Sit on a 40 square centimeter silver mat, rub the hot pack, hold it in your hand, and hold it in your body. Like the emperor penguins in Antarctica, it’s a time when you can’t stand it. Even on a cold day, people who deliver parcels wear light clothes because of sweat. This is the case with people who climb mountains in winter or work too busy to play with their bodies. It’s tough to stay still. It was a strike rally, and I couldn’t stand still, but I had no choice but to stand still for about two hours. A seasoned host with a microphone often recommends warming up, but it is not enough to soothe a creaking body from the chill. I had to go home, a warm house, and eat steaming rice and soup. After overwork, he often eats ritual rice, so he decided to stop it, but it is not going smoothly due to trickery, irregularities, and ignorance. They strike and hold rallies to question the responsibility of the company for not fulfilling the agreement, but they are still in the shadows. All kinds of spotlights and bright sunlight belong to those who are running for elections these days. The contrast is large. People who cannot see well now wear white clothes and stop playing music. I plan to build a tent house under the shade there and barely shelter from the winter wind. The delivery vehicle, which has stopped delivering, is now filled with all kinds of items from the protests.

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