“Beware of smishing employment subsidy text messages”

– The government is implementing support policies such as special employment promotion incentives and youth employment special incentives to stimulate youth employment. It is said that the number of cases of financial information theft through malicious use of policies is increasing.

– The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced on the 9th that “There has been a case of smishing that requires personal information or requests for subsidies under the guise of special incentives for youth employment.” They say that they are stealing financial and personal information by sending text messages containing malicious site addresses.

– Phishing texts are plausible. It is a method of leaving a phone call for loan counseling after guiding the government support policy in detail. When you call here, they say that you must repay the existing loan first and ask for a bank transfer.

– They lied that non-face-to-face loans are possible due to COVID-19 and induce them to install a remote control program, then find out financial information such as public certificates and withdraw money.

– The Ministry of Labor does not require personal information such as ID to apply for the subsidy. You cannot apply for job creation incentives by phone or text message. Applying for grants through text messages is false.

– If you receive a text message or phone call suspected of being phishing, you can report it to 112, the Internet & Security Agency (118), or the Financial Supervisory Service (1332).

– Kim Young-joong, head of the Employment Policy Office, said, “The self-employed and small business owners are exploiting their hardships to subtly deceive the state as if they are paying policy subsidies.”

Candidate Sang-Jeong Shim “The State Will Help Protect Pets”

– Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung has made a promise to protect companion animals in the public domain.

– Candidate Shim held a press conference at the National Assembly Communication Center on the afternoon of the 9th and said, “Welfare for the entire life of companion animals, from counseling and education when adopting pets, behavior correction in the rearing stage, expansion of playgrounds, medical expenses support, and funerals, to the public. We will strengthen it in this area,” he said.

– Specifically, △Introduction of public health insurance for companion animals △Expansion of public companion animal funeral facilities △Abolition of large-scale breeding grounds and introduction of a breeder system that can take responsibility for production △Introduction of companion animal history system △Adoption, education, counseling and various support Establishment of a public animal protection center that has pledged to establish a comprehensive animal welfare system and to revise the Animal Protection Act, which focuses on punishment of animal cruelty.

– Candidate Shim argued that “pets have become a valuable part of our lives” and that “the government must keep pace with the change in citizens’ perceptions of pets as family members.”

– According to a 2020 survey by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 6.38 million households (29.7%) out of 21.48 million households in Korea are raising one or more companion animals.


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