Andrea Chaparro confessed that Sergio Mayer Mori gave him the worst kiss of his career in “Rebelde”: “It was uncomfortable”

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The young Mexican actress, Andrea Chaparro, one of the stars of the new version of Rebel, He confessed that actor Sergio Mayer Mori, who plays Esteban in the series, gave him the worst kiss of his entire acting career. However, the enmity Between the two famous children it could go beyond a bad kiss.

During an interview at Pinky Promise, the YouTube channel of the member of JNS, Karla Díaz, the daughter of Omar Chaparro, said that He lived a very uncomfortable moment on screen with the son of former deputy Sergio Mayer and actress Bárbara Mori, due to poor communication between them.

On the show, Andrea read some questions from the audience. Between them, one who questioned her about how her worst kiss was acting and with whom. To which she replied:

“My worst kissing experience in Rebel (…) with Sergio Mayer Mori, there is a part, where the kiss itself is supposed to be akward, It is very uncomfortable, but I think I understood one thing, he understood another thing, and I don’t know, a lack of communication and it was just uncomfortable”, Said the young woman who previously participated in the acclaimed Netflix series, The house of flowers.

However, due to the requirements of the script, where a somewhat unpleasant scene was described, what she felt was useful for the series: “That shot was left, the most uncomfortable, because it was...but it was funny, it turned out good ”, he concluded.

On the other hand, neither Andrea nor Azul Guaita, who also acts in the series, confessed if there was some kind of confrontation or misunderstandings between the actors that make up the cast of the series. Even, they said, they are united as one big family.

But nevertheless, in May 2021 a very different panorama was reported, It was said that the actor allegedly had problems with his co-workers. Especially with the daughter of the actor from Don’t stain Frida.

During an issue of the magazine TvNotas, it was reported that the actor was shown “arrogant, he thinks he is more than his peers, and says that the series will only be successful because of him, he also presumes that he is the only famous person in the world. cast”, A source close to the production told the magazine at the time.

Sergio Mayer Mori is Esteban Torres.  (Netflix)
Sergio Mayer Mori is Esteban Torres. (Netflix)

In addition to this attitude, Mayer Mori allegedly was late for calls and, because of this, had some friction with Andrea Chaparro. According to the magazine, the young woman confronted who plays Esteban in the series and demanded that he stop “playing with the time” of others, also asked him to commit to the project or better leave it.

According to the magazine, not only his colleagues and the production would have suffered his mood swings, because There were also complaints from the makeup team, costume designers and assistants.

Days after the post revealed that Mori was allegedly at risk of abandoning the project, due to an alleged utlimatum On the part of the production of the series, his father clarified that it was all a rumor and argued that his son was attacked for standing out in the middle of the performance.

During an interview with The sun risesSergio Mayer pointed out that his first-born son was responsible for his work in the production of Netflix and added that he instilled in his children the “value of work” from a young age: “If I have taught my children something, it is to be grateful and appreciate when someone gives you work and recognizes you,” he said.

However, shortly after, Sergio went viral when he confessed that he “hates RBD”, A fact that won him many detractors among fans of the youth soap opera. So he said in a Live from his Instagram account in 2021:

“I’m going to tell you something, yes I’m doing the project, yes I’m in RBD, yes I have to sing them, because I have to sing them by contract, but I hate RBD, that’s the reality. I don’t like songs, I never saw this ‘thing’.


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