27 people rescued from floating ice in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin, U.S. (AP) – Authorities rescued 27 people from a chunk of floating ice that broke off the shore of Green Bay in eastern Wisconsin, police headquarters said Sunday. .

No injuries were reported in the incident that occurred Saturday morning north of Green Bay, in the area that is part of Lake Michigan, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office said. Many of the 27 rescued people were ice fishing at the time of the incident.

The chunk of ice floated approximately three-quarters of a mile during the rescue and was about a mile from shore at the time everyone was brought ashore. Authorities explained that the stranded people found themselves on the separated ice for around 90 minutes.

A barge cruising the bay may have caused the chunk of ice to separate from the shore, according to police headquarters. Shane Nelson, who was on his first ice fishing excursion, said the sound sounded like a gunshot.

“We thought it was interesting, to get out of our cabin, go take a look and people were shouting from the ice ‘we’re breaking up,'” Nelson told WLUK-TV.

Speeders from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Coast Guard were able to rescue the people in groups of eight to eight passengers.


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