Why did Andrea Legarreta have her silicone implants removed?

andrea legarreta

When submitting a note in the program Today, Andrea Legarreta gave a scoop on his personal life. And it is that during the shows section of the program, Shanik Berman, Galilea Montijo, Arath de la Torre and Paul Stanley spoke about the actress Michelle Renaud, who recently disclosed that she removed the breast implants because they caused her some health problems.

Taking advantage of the situation of the note, the owner of the broadcast gave the “exclusive for Today” and revealed that a time ago without specifying, she also removed the silicones that she had had on her bust.

“Well, yes, what you like and what you don’t like. I hadn’t told them, but I also took them off. I removed the implants, I had not commented on it, exclusively for Today“Said the actress, who stressed that this type of surgical intervention can affect some women and develop a syndrome.

After presenting the note in which Michelle Renaud talks about the importance of honesty, which is why she stressed that “aesthetics should never be above health”, Andrea Legarreta continued talking about her situation:

“They call it breast implant illnes And it is a root disease, if your body rejects implants in a thousand ways, because it does not stop being an object, or it can generate an autoimmune disease or nothing, so that the ones they have don’t scare me. Do not get scared. For example, I said: ‘At this age, after a while when I have I do not know how many I am going to walk here with plastics there and the truth is that I decided it ”, he specified.

Andrea shared that she made that determination not because she was suffering from the symptoms of an illness but rather that it was a “personal decision” to feel better about herself and her body:

andrea legarreta
andrea legarreta

“And I decided, not precisely because I felt bad or had a disease, it was because I no longer wanted to have the plastic inside. You have to go to a professional, you have to do it well and the truth is that you recover quickly. It is a personal decision “

Andrea also stressed the importance of the tactile examinations that people must carry out on their bodies, in order to promote a timely detection of certain conditions:

“I’m not telling you what to do or what not to do, the truth is that some of us do better than others, however it is an intimate decision and it is necessary to be constantly reviewing, whether they have it or not, “he said.

Photo: Instagram / @ andrealegarreta
Photo: Instagram / @ andrealegarreta

Just over a month ago, the driver reacted negatively to certain attitudes that her colleagues Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre would reproduce, after they uncovered how much they agree with some macho assertions.

During the dynamic “El macho”, the drivers had to indicate whether they agreed, or not, with some macho statements, such as that women are bad at the wheel, that they cannot go out with more than one man because they are not “giving respect ”or that they did not take care of the work at home, such as washing dishes.

When disclosing your position on these statements, Andrea reacted surprised and asserted that “that’s for males.” Particularly when the drivers revealed that they agreed that a woman could not date more than one man because that would be “disrespecting”.

Instantly, Andrea expressed: “They are very macho.” He even tried to dialogue with his colleagues and stated that any woman, for example the daughter of one of them, should have the right to go out and “meet people.”


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