Viral: despite warnings from passersby, driver drove over a bridge and got stuck

Driver wanted to take an alternate route and his car got stuck. Composition.

The social networks They always generate a furor with the content shown by millions of users on a daily basis, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok allow the dissemination of audiovisual material to entertain themselves in times of crisis. A case occurred in Pereira, Colombia. where a driver tried to shorten the way to his destination with his vehicle over a pedestrian bridge.

However, he did not count on what would happen to him later, this despite the recommendations of various passers-by in the place. The car that is an Aveo Family could not easily enter the road and was stuck in that area for several minutes. For wanting to go an “easy” path, he suffered this consequence for taking the slowest but safe one.

The clip already has more than 21 thousand reproductions and thousands of comments that have been from a joke to annoyance due to the irresponsibility of the driver. At the point of requesting a license plate to comply with the legal infraction.

The video shows various citizens watching how the car got stuck, supporting the man so that he can go back and resume his way back to the previous route. However, the cart did not move. Even more so when people told him that the car did not fit over the bridge. Even so, he tries to pass through an area that is actually exclusive for the transit of people in the city of Pereira.

Fabián Cavero is the user who shared this moment on his social network Facebook quoting a peculiar phrase: “I quote the words of Mr Ramon: ‘it is good to be menso, but why go to abuse, why this eagerness to break records’ “.


Kyara Villanella, daughter of Keiko Fujimori, is quite an influencer. Through her TikTok account, the 14-year-old was seen dancing next to the tiktoker Josi Martínez, who is one of the most popular characters on this platform.

Keiko’s daughter appears dancing “And the tremendous”. However, it is not the first time that he has appeared with a TV figure, as he can also be seen in his recent video with Vincenzo Leonardi, former contestant of La Voz Kids.

This material has caused such a furor that it has already achieved more than 28 thousand likes and 534 comments. While the video he published with Vincenzo Leonardi reached more than 282 thousand likes and 3242 comments.

The young woman has 816 thousand followers with only 35 videos published.

On the other hand, there is also a viral video that became popular on Christmas holidays. It’s about the band’s guitarist The Curi Brothers, a group from the district of Ocobamba, province of Chincheros, Apurímac, who play cumbia with great national talent. Among his songs are “Como Olvidar”, “Caprichos”, “Al final”, “Canción de Amor”, among others.

Returning to the character, as can be seen in a video shared on TikTok – also uploaded to Instagram by the Last News page – the musician decided to add one more complement to his instrument, so that the sound breaks it during his live presentation.

The result was surprising that they compared him to stars Slash and Hendrix, according to the description of the video. “Neither Hendrix, nor Slash, nor Page do this,” he says.


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