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The year 2021 is about to end and, in the middle of the festive seasons, different companies and entities have been modifying their schedules. The Foreign Ministry of Colombia, through its web portal, reported that, for next Friday, December 31, the headquarters for the issuance and renewal of passport, located in Bogotá, will work until 12 noon. From the Ministry of Foreign Relations, it was stressed that the agendas are made free of charge and without intermediaries. It is only necessary to enter the website of the Chancellery.

“The Foreign Ministry informs that this Friday, December 31, the passport offices in Bogotá (located on Calle 53, the central headquarters and the north headquarters) They will serve the public from seven in the morning until 12 noon”, Informed the Ministry through its Twitter account. On the web portal, Those who wish to do the procedure must fill out a form to be assigned the date and time for the issuance of the document.

If you are going to make an appointment, keep these recommendations in mind:

-Arrive 20 or 30 minutes before your appointment.

-The appointments have no cost.

-People without appointments will not be attended.

-It is not necessary for users to queue at the venues or their surroundings.

The Chancellery invited the community not to miss the appointments to carry out the procedure for the Passport in Bogotá. “Not attending takes away the opportunity for another Colombian to issue his document”, highlights the entity.

This news comes after that organization reported about the suspension, for up to one year, of the obligation to change the passport when a child turns 7 or when a person reaches the age of majority. This determination, explained the spokesperson, was taken by the high demand for this document to leave the country. The number of applications increased after the most serious spikes of coronavirus contagion during the pandemic were overcome.

Complications and lengths were presented at the passport issuing office of the Foreign Ministry on Calle 53 and 13 in the city of Bogotá.  (Colprensa - Camila Díaz)
Complications and lengths were presented at the passport issuing office of the Foreign Ministry on Calle 53 and 13 in the city of Bogotá. (Colprensa – Camila Díaz)

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry explained that the measure to suspend this obligation is due to the fact that “It is a public and well-known fact that the current demand for passports has increased, more than proportionally, for which it is necessary to have an immediate solution that allows Colombian citizens to facilitate their mobility.”

The decision details that the idea is also to help parents who need to travel abroad with their children, because for this it was necessary to have an updated passport.

“Comparing 2020 with 2019, we had a shortage of 200,000 passports, added to the fact that in 2020 the passports that had been issued in 2010 expired. In such a way that, with the lack of 200,000 passports that we had, plus all those that had to be renewed, we are talking about about 1,200,000 passports that we accumulated due to the pandemic “, explained Marta Lucía Ramírez, vice president and chancellor.

The demand for passports, a document that is processed before the Colombian Foreign Ministry, soared due to the blocking of the process that was registered in 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic. This, in addition to protests, generated long lines and crowds of users who could not get an appointment to get their respective passport. Between June and November 2021, commented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the capacity to issue passports doubled from 64,000 to 140,000 per month.

Marta Lucía Ramírez told the media in mid-November that the Ministry of Foreign Relations issued 136,000 passports a year. In 2019, the number increased to 334,000 and in 2020 it dropped to 135,000.

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