The value of the ITU will be S / 4,600 for the year 2022, made official the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), through a Supreme Decree, raised the value of the tax unit (UIT) for the year 2022 to S / 4,600. The previous value of the ITU was located in S / 4,400, for the year 2021.

In this way, the value of the ITU will increase by 200 soles compared to 2021.

The FROM It has been evolving in an ascending way in recent years, currently it is 4,400 soles, after having had the values ​​of 4,300 soles (2020); 4,200 soles (2019); 4,150 soles (2018); 4,050 soles (2017); 3,950 soles (2016); 3,850 soles (2015); 3,800 soles (2014); 3,700 soles (2013) and 3,650 soles (2012).

The FROM It is the reference amount used in the tax regulations to keep the tax bases, deductions, allocation limits and other aspects of the taxes at constant values.

It may also be used to apply sanctions, determine accounting obligations, register in the taxpayer registry and other formal obligations.

The decision to raise the UIT is adopted by the MEF in accordance with Standard XV of the Preliminary Title of the Single Ordered Text (TUO) of the Tax Code.

On the other hand, This is the largest increase for the ITU since 1999, when it also rose S / 200 from S / 2,600 to S / 2,800.

With the change in value of the FROM The fines are increased, as well as the payment of taxes and even some benefits.

Thus, workers will have the right to deduct up to S / 32,200 from their annual gross income. That is, those who earn that amount per year will not pay income tax.


The increase in the ITU has various effects on the personal and family finances of Peruvians:

– Workers on the payroll (formal dependents) will pay less income tax on their wages, so they will have more money in their pocket.

– The limit of personal expenses to request a refund of income tax from work (4th and 5th category), which is 3 UIT, increases from S / 13,200 to S / 13,800

– The limit for the withdrawal of AFP funds (4 UIT) is raised from S / 17,600 to S / 18,400 (in case of a new withdrawal). The same would happen with the “return” of contributions to the ONP (1 UIT).

– A higher subsidy will be obtained for the Mivivienda Credit, called “Bonus of the Good Payer”. You will pay less property tax and alcabala, since the sections and rates are based on the ITU. The cost of legal proceedings and other procedures before the State rises. The value of administrative fines is increased.

– The prices in legal proceedings and other procedures in the State, as well as for the determination of fines, will also go up due to the increase in the ITU.

– Now the Procedural Reference Unit (URP), which is equivalent to 10% of the UIT, goes from S / 440 to S / 460.


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