The PSOE maintains that inflation is temporary, although it admits that it is going to last “longer than we want.”

12-23-2021 The spokesperson for EH Bildu in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, and the spokesperson for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies, Héctor Gómez, talk on their arrival upon arrival at a plenary session in the Congress of the Deputies, on December 23, 2021, in Madrid, (Spain). During the plenary session, they debated various draft laws. One of them on the Economic Agreement with the Basque Country, and another on the management of waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy. Likewise, the session focused on the Organic Law Proposal to improve the protection of orphans victims of gender violence, the texts of which, once approved, will be sent to the Senate where they will continue their parliamentary processing. POLITICS Eduardo Parra – Europa Press


The PSOE spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, insisted this Thursday that inflation is “temporary” although he has admitted that it is going to last “longer than we want,” as he stated shortly after learning that the CPI has climbed to 6.7 in December, its highest level in 29 years.

When asked if he is concerned about this data and considers that more measures must be taken or, on the contrary, he continues to maintain that it is a temporary situation, Gómez has insisted that inflation is temporary, as indicated by “the European Central Bank and the Bank of Spain “, has indicated.

However, he pointed out that “it is probably going to last longer than we want” and pointed out the situation of the wholesale energy markets, which has “direct repercussions on the day-to-day” and is conditioning the lives of citizens. .

However, the socialist spokesman has been confident that “the path of recovery” will continue and has defended the Government’s action to “counteract” high inflation, with a “very powerful” battery of measures that it has deployed during this year and which will continue in 2022.

Along the same lines, he stated that the current scenario is “complex” and the appearance of new variants of covid-19 that can affect mobility and complicate economic forecasts due to the weight of tourism in Spanish GDP, around “15 % “, has pointed. In this sense, he added that there are aspects “that condition our economic recovery”, although he has once again emphasized the measures adopted by the Government and especially the high level of vaccination to carry out the economic recovery.


On the other hand, regarding the labor reform, Gómez has assured that the socialist group is in “permanent” coordination and dialogue with United We Can, whose parliamentary spokesman announced that he was going to initiate a round of contacts with his usual parliamentary partners to achieve support for the labor reform, which must be validated in Congress within a month.

Regarding whether the text should remain as it is, as required by the employers, Gómez has argued that if the agreement has the support of the social agents, it means that it is “a good agreement” and that “it ensures the general interest.” Even so, he has affirmed that they can open a dialogue with the rest of the formations “to continue advancing” since the obligation to continue modernizing the labor market “does not end here”, it has ended.

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