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From: Andrea Stettner

Anyone who wants to be among the top earners in Germany should choose their profession carefully. We show in which jobs the best salaries are currently being paid.

  • The gap between the Salaries of specialists and executives* is still big in Germany.
  • A study shows which jobs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to salaries.
  • Also take a look at that highest paid training as well as the worst paid occupations it’s worth it.

In which professions is this highest salary on the pay slip? Which job is the highest paid in Germany? A recent study reveals that.

Salary: This is the best-paid job in Germany

Anyone who wants to earn good money in Germany should doctor will. Because here the working people not only enjoy a high reputation, but also a full wallet. This is shown by the online portal’s 2021 salary atlas

The number one among the best-paid professions is the chief physician. These mediciners deserve im Median* proud 196.300 Euro gross per year. Immediately after them, senior physicians take second place, with an equally impressive annual gross salary of 121,700 euros. In comparison: specialists and managers earn just 43,200 euros gross per year (median *).

Anyone looking for professional happiness outside of medicine will also find other management positions As with the sales control (94,800 euros gross) and in the regional sales management (90,800 euros gross), as you can see here at a glance:

Salary: An overview of the highest-paid professions in Germany

Chief physician, resident physician 196.251 Euro 212.808 Euro
Senior physician 121.748 Euro 129.697 Euro
Sales control / sales management 94.796 Euro 103.836 Euro
Regional sales manager for capital goods 90.812 Euro 96.868 Euro
Commercial Management 90.661 Euro 101.900 Euro
IT management 88.610 Euro 96.076 Euro

Source:, Salary Atlas 2021

* The median is the value in a row that lies exactly in the middle when the values ​​are sorted according to size. The median is therefore more precise than the average value as it is not influenced by individual extremely high or extremely low values.

For the Salary Atlas 2021 became 220,502 remuneration data the portals, and the consulting company Compensation Partner, which go back to the last twelve months.

40 percent of these come from female, 60 percent from male employees. It is noteworthy that the proportion of Employees with personnel responsibility is only seven percent, 93 percent are skilled workers without personnel responsibility.

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Which occupation has the lowest salary?

Where there is a lot of light, there is naturally also a lot of shadow, as figures from the 2019 salary atlas show. In many professions, Germans earn so poorly that you can barely survive with your monthly salary. The sad “top spot” is occupied by the Kitchen helpersthat averaged just once 23,454 euros a year have to get by. Just behind are hairdressers in second place and waiters in third place.

The worst paid professions at a glance (without personnel responsibility):

Kitchen Help 21.907 Euro 23.454 Euro
Hair stylist 23.202 Euro 24.434 Euro
Waitress 23.619 Euro 24.884 Euro
Call Center Agent 25.200 Euro 28.101 Euro
Receptionist 25.372 Euro 27.282 Euro
Checkout staff 26.572 Euro 28.363 Euro
Cook 27.195 Euro 29.053 Euro
Dental assistant 27.993 Euro 29.461 Euro
Nursing staff 28.002 Euro 30.357 Euro
Professional driver 28.436 Euro 30.467 Euro

Source:, Salary Atlas 2019

* The median is the value in a row that lies exactly in the middle when the values ​​are sorted according to size. The median is therefore more precise than the average value as it is not influenced by individual extremely high or extremely low values.

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These are the best-paid training courses in Germany

Which training courses are best paid in Germany? According to a ranking by (Status: 2014) earn aspiring Air traffic controllers preferably. Already in the second year of the apprenticeship, salaries of 3,000 to 4,500 euros can be expected. According to an evaluation by even up to 5,900 euros.

But they also have a lot of responsibility for this: air traffic controllers issue take-off and landing permits and navigate aircraft – and are therefore responsible for many human lives. You can read more about the 15 highest-paid apprenticeships in Germany here.

An overview of other well-paid apprenticeships:

1 Air traffic controller 3,000 to 4,500 euros
2 Inner divider/-in 800 to 1,100 euros
3 Insurance agent 650 to 1,000 euros
4 Bank clerk 650 to 1,000 euros
5 Mechatronics technician 800 to 1,000 euros (3.5 years of apprenticeship)
6 Technical illustrator 700 to 1,000 euros
7 Policewoman up to 1,100 euros
8 IT specialist 700 to 900 euros
9 Legal Analyst / Researcher 700 to 800 euros
10 Bricklayer 550 to 1,200 euros

Source: (status: 2014)

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What is the salary of teachers in Germany?

Regardless of whether it is elementary school, secondary school or grammar school: teachers are usually among the high earners in Germany – especially when they civil servants are. However, prospective teachers should choose the type of school very carefully, because primary school teachers complain about lower salaries than teachers at grammar schools or vocational schools. You can find out exactly how much teachers in Germany earn in this article.

What is the salary of educators in Germany?

Educators in day nurseries, kindergartens or other institutions often earn relatively little, compared to their long training and the psychological and physical stress. In this article you can read how high the salary of educators really is.

What is the salary of engineers?

Whether mechanical, electrical or civil engineer: The salaries for engineers in Germany usually look pretty decent. But as is so often the case, the industry plays a major role in payment. Here you can find out in which industries the big salaries are for engineers.

Salary: How much do you earn at Aldi and Lidl?

Aldi and Lidl offer groceries at low prices. But do the employees have to cut back on their salaries? How much do discount store employees earn each month? You can find out here.

How much do geriatric nurses earn?

Elderly carers work in a social profession that a lot of strength and empathy requires. This job is extremely important for our society – but what is the salary? Find out how much geriatric carers earn in public, private, and church institutions in this article.

What is the salary of nurses and nurses?

Many nurses are working in their dream job. But no matter how fulfilling the most beautiful job can be – if the salary is too low, frustration quickly spreads. This article will teach you how much nurses and nurses really make.

What do doctors earn in clinics and practices?

Doctors are among the best-paid professional groups in Germany. But how much they really earn depends not least on the subject area, work experience and place of work. This is because practice doctors suffer from the often extremely high costs for personnel and equipment. This overview shows how high the salary of clinic and practice doctors is in the various specialist areas.

What salaries are paid in the public service?

Public service employees work for municipal, federal and state institutions. These include, for example, tax officials, educators in municipal kindergartens, professors at universities, registrars and fire brigade employees. you will be paid according to the tariff (TVöD).

How much this comes out for the individual depends on the occupation and occupation group and the corresponding classification. To find out how much government employees can earn, see this article.

What salary do you earn as an office clerk?

Office clerks are popular professions – even if the training is now called differently. But here, too, applicants have to respond to the Branch pay attention if they want to earn well. You can find out how high the salary of office clerks is here.

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