The death of a nurse at Uijeongbu Eulji Hospital

▲ Health care union

Regarding the case in which a nurse at Uijeongbu Eulji University Hospital made an extreme choice on the 16th of last month, the truth has not been properly investigated and measures to prevent recurrence have been delayed.

The health and medical union held a press conference in front of Uijeongbu Eulji Hospital in Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 29th and pointed out, “It’s been 44 days since the new nurse at Uijeongbu Eulji Hospital passed away, but nothing has been resolved and no one is taking any responsibility.”

The union said, “Uijeongbu Eulji University Hospital formed a fact-finding committee on this case on the 18th of last month, but is watching the police investigation saying that there is a limit to revealing the substantive truth only through its own investigation.” It is doubtful that what we are not doing is a trick to waste time.”

It was also pointed out that the government’s response was insufficient. According to the union, a nurse found dead in the dormitory of Uijeongbu Eulji Hospital is obliged to work for at least one year in the labor contract signed with the hospital, and if she resigns, she must submit a resignation letter at least two months in advance. It contains a special clause stating that if you violate this, you will be held liable for damages. The union said, “It is not only to delete the special provisions of the slave contract, but special labor supervision should be carried out on excessive labor due to the shortage of manpower.”

On the same day, the union demanded a thorough investigation of the facts and punishment of those responsible, an investigation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on false reports of nursing grades, and special labor supervision for workplace harassment and excessive labor.

A nurse in her 20s, who joined Uijeongbu Eulji Hospital in March of this year, was found dead in the hospital dormitory on the 16th of last month. The survivors claim that some senior nurses were harassed, throwing hospital charts or giving public insults. The hospital has requested the police to investigate.

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