Sporting Cristal will face Cantolao in their first friendly of the preseason

The celestial cast will make their debut against Cusco FC in the local championship l Photo: Sporting Cristal

Sporting Crystal It is one of the clubs in the League 1 who started his preseason late. He has only been training for two days, but he has already agreed to his first friendly. The rival will be the Cantolao Academy and this duel will be played on January 12 at the facilities of La Florida.

This was learned from the fact that Carlos Silvestri, Cantolao’s coach, was a guest on Radio Ovación and announced his next friendly matches prior to the start of the Peruvian championship. First, it will be measured on January 4 against Ayacucho. Then he will play on 08 with Alianza Lima. Finally he will close his preparation with the ‘celestial’. It should be added that he already has a match played before the University of Sports.

There is still another preparatory meeting that remains to be confirmed on the date. This would be with Ayacucho FC. According to ESPN journalist Pamela Ríos through her Twitter account. The ‘foxes’ have been preparing in the best way because this year they will face the South American Cup.

Those led by Roberto Mosquera They were present at the Rímac sports complex last Monday. First, they passed the corresponding medical examinations and then carried out their first day of training. Previously, they had been doing work virtually, as the technical command considered that they need more rest.

Cristal was one of the national clubs with the most matches in 2021. The ‘Bajopontino’ team began by participating in the Liberators cup and after being in third place, he went on to compete in the South American. To this must be added that he was champion of the Bicentennial Cup. This led him to use many players from the quarry, which were consolidated in the first division.

On the first day, only one of his brand new reinforcements could be seen and it was the Uruguayan Leandro Sosa, who days before arrived in the capital to integrate. And this Wednesday, Fernando Pacheco was welcomed, who turned around after his time in Brazilian football. John Jairo Mosquera, who will join the blue squad in the coming days, has not yet been seen.

Photo: Sporting Cristal
Photo: Sporting Cristal


Roberto Mosquera and company decided to keep a large part of their spinal column and those who did not enter into plans were transferred as is the case of the Venezuelan John Marchán. But then they have tried to strengthen themselves in positions that they consider to need a bonus to compete internationally. They still do not know their rivals from the Libertadores because the draw will take place on March 23.

One of them is the forward, for that reason they added to John Jairo Mosquera. The Colombian signed after receiving the approval of ‘Mou’, who directed him in his time in Bolivian football. He comes from defending the Guabirá shirt, where he was reported with 9 goals in 16 matches. Then, they asked for the return of Pacheco who can play for both bands.

Finally, they will make a bet for the future. Juan Sanchez is the cover. The Ecuadorian who was training in the last weeks in Florida would be shortly after stamping his signature and becoming the new member of Cristal. Like Corozo, he arrived from Independiente del Valle, he also had a brief stay at Flamengo in Brazil. The 18-year-old serves as a front-line midfielder, but has no problem playing a little further ahead.


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