Spain.-Casado demands that Sánchez take measures in the face of “unbearable” inflation: “We are entering a winter of discontent”

12-16-2021 The parliamentary spokesperson of the PP, Cuca Gamarra and the president of the PP, Pablo Casado (c), in a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies, on December 16, 2021, in Madrid, (Spain). During the plenary session, the draft Organic Law for the organization and integration of Vocational Training, and the Royal Decree extending certain economic measures to support recovery were addressed. The Bill establishing the minimum vital income has also taken up space in the session. POLITICS Alberto Ortega – Europa Press


The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has demanded this Thursday the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, take measures to control high inflation and has indicated that with these data they are entering a “winter of discontent” due to “the fault of a government incapable of manage the crisis and funds “.

Casado, who attached a graph in his Twitter message with the evolution of the CPI curve over the past year, has stated that inflation at 6.7% is “unbearable” for the measured and working classes.

“We are entering a ‘winter of discontent’ because of a government incapable of managing the crisis and funds,” declared the head of the opposition, who has called on the Executive to “take measures to control this’ thief of savings and taxes of the poor ‘”.


In similar terms, the spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has stated that inflation “runaway to 6.7%” is “the largest increase in 30 years.” As he added, the monthly rate rose 1.3%, the highest increase in 38 years.

“Now is when Sánchez promises us that the CPI will drop by discounting the CPI,” he ironically asked the government of Pedro Sánchez if they come out “stronger” or this is the fair recovery. “The weaker are the weaker”, he concluded.

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