Signed the first policy agreement with the Labor Relations Commission of the former Captain Lee Jae-myung

▲ Labor Commission

The first policy agreement was signed by the Labor Committee (standing co-chairs Joo-young Kim, Seung-cheol Shin, and Ho-young Ahn) of the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate Election Countermeasures Committee, Lee Jae-myung.

The Labor Relations Commission signed a policy agreement with the Platform Freelance Workers’ Cooperative Council at the National Assembly Hall on the afternoon of the 29th. This is the first agreement signed by the Labor Commission since its inception.

In the Platform Freelance Workers’ Cooperative Council, 7 organizations, including the Korea Housekeepers’ Association, the Korea Acting Driver’s Cooperative, the National Auxiliary Workers’ Union, the CN Cooperative, the Translation Cooperative, the Working People’s Cooperative Federation, and the Korea Freelancer Cooperative, are together. are doing The Labor Committee was attended by Kim Joo-young and Ahn Ho-young, standing co-chairs, and Lee Su-jin and Kim Young-hoon, co-chairs.

The Labor Relations Commission and the Platform Freelance Workers’ Cooperative Council have agreed to △Expand the application of the national employment insurance system △Enact the Basic Law for all working people (tentative name) △Prevent excessive fees to protect platform and freelance workers △Establish policies such as introduction of public platforms and related laws and regulations A policy agreement was signed containing seven items to guarantee labor rights and improve rights and interests, such as revision, establishment of a public statistical system and career recognition system for fact-finding and system improvement, and expansion and reinforcement of social dialogue mechanisms in which various stakeholders participate.

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