Scandal for mistreatment of heifers in Corraleja de Fredonia, Antioquia

Corraleja in Fredonia

December becomes a month of alert for animal abuse because during the festivities in the municipalities violations against these beings usually occur. This was the case with the corralejas of the municipality of Fredonia, one of the three municipalities in Antioquia where this type of event was authorized, which ended with criticism and complaints.

In videos broadcast of the corraleja made this Wednesday, December 29 in the municipality of Fredonia, it is seen how people hit, climbed on small heifers already exhausted by the situation, and even assaults were seen against a dog that entered the arena.

We saw the sad sight of small and starving heifers, to the bones, abused by people. Although they were not injured or killed, the abuse was appalling ”, denounced the Antioquia deputy Álvaro Múnera regarding the celebration of Fredonia, quoted by Noticias Caracol.

The bullring of the municipality was full and several people went down to the sand to deal with heifers and young calves, with sheets and blankets, although no sharp elements were seen that caused serious injuries to the animals.

The governor in charge of Antioquia had referred to the cases of animal abuse, after learning of the case in which a horse received several electric shocks from a man in the municipality of Icononzo, Tolima.

Luis Fernando Suárez, president in charge, ordered the mayors to monitor the protection of the animals during the horseback rides and corralejas. In which he also invited the Antioqueños to avoid any damage or pain caused by man to the animals.

In this regard, the mayor of Fredonia, Gustavo Guzmán, assured: “We share the position of our governor of Antioquia, we by tradition and custom in the Coffee Parties have made precisely these corralejas, we are going to definitively reevaluate them”, He assured.

Guzmán added that the administration does not share animal abuse and declared himself an animalist. But nevertheless there were criticisms regarding the celebration that took place on December 28 and that involved animals.

Although these celebrations, corralejas and parades have not been prohibited by law and are allowed as a tradition in some municipalities, animal rights groups and defenders ask that the practices of the celebrations be eliminated throughout the national territory.

The corralejas were authorized in Nechí, Fredonia and Caucasia, where they had not been carried out at least during the year 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. In the latter municipality, they had not performed for two years for security reasons in 2019.

Although they were authorized, the Antioquia Ministry of the Environment reiterated that the legal system regulates “the use of protective covers on the horns of the bulls used in the activity, the use of chest and abdomen protectors for horses, use of adhesive tapes to replace the sharp elements and cuts in the body of the animal, have the required permits for the development of the activity, not use public money for the construction of spaces for associated activities and guarantee sufficient quality veterinary medical care for the animals involved ”.

This Wednesday, December 29, it was also known another case of animal abuse in the department of Antioquia, this time in Medellín, where the head of a dog was found. The incident occurred in the Prado Centro neighborhood, in the 10 Candelaria commune of the Antioquia capital.

Although it is not known how the event occurred, it is presumed that it would be animal abuse, because the body has not been found either. The Police are already conducting investigations to establish the circumstances and find those responsible, if applicable.


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