Safe corridors: the Government enabled a border crossing that connects San Juan with Chile

The Government enabled another border crossing with Chile

Despite the exponential growth of COVID-19 infections registered in recent weeks, the national government continues to advance with the easing measures at the borders. On this occasion, the opening of a border crossing linking the province of San Juan with Chile.

Through the Administrative Decision 1291/2021, published this Thursday in the Official bulletin, the Executive Branch authorized “The opening as an international safe corridor to enter the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, in the Province of SAN JUAN, in the terms of the current regulations, of the Las Flores Land Border Crossing (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) – Huanta (REPUBLIC OF CHILE)”.

The measure was approved with the respective prevention protocol against the COVID-19 pandemic and had the signature of the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, and the ministers, of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro, and Health, Carla Vizzotti.

Indeed, the Government enabled the Agua Negra International Pass with an opening and closing hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with an income quota of 120 cars and 500 people.

In the text of the protocol, the entry requirements for Argentines, residents, as well as for foreigners not residing in the national territory are correctly differentiated. It is observed that the insurance of foreign travelers for COVID 19 (worth 30,000 US $ s) has been incorporated, which includes coverage for transfers, medical care and hospitalization. Likewise, the procedure regarding testing and quarantine upon admission is detailed. It is clarified that the costs of the positive cases of the test tests must be borne by the travelers.

Among the entry requirements to Argentina, the regulations established that people must have completed the vaccination schedule at least 14 days before their arrival in the country and they will have to present the proof of vaccination to the provincial authorities. In addition, as in the rest of the safe corridors, a proof of the negative PCR at origin will be required, carried out within 72 hours prior to entering the country.

When there is suspicion or it is known that a person was detected positive or is a suspected case, the mechanisms for their isolation must be provided until the confirmation or discard of the case or the 10 days that correspond from the collection of the sample. This involves making the place of isolation available to travelers who are positively detected at the border, with permanent medical supervision and monitoring, for the term of 10 days from admission or referral to a health facility for admission. , considering measures of distancing, hygiene, disinfection and security, the Government specified in the official authorization this Thursday.

In this way, a new border crossing with Chile is enabled. Yesterday, the Cabinet Office authorized two safe corridors with the neighboring country in Chubut: Lago Blanco – Balmaceda and Trevelín – Futaleufú.

“The entry point has the basic capacities required from the National level to prevent and mitigate the entry and circulation of variants of Sars CoV2 of epidemiological concern,” indicated the provincial Executive Power, which justified the request, referring to the fact that there are “Low prevalence of COVID-19 and high rates of vaccination coverage in the first and second doses, with development of the stage of implementation of third doses and reinforcement doses ”.


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