Ranking Spotify in Spain: Top 10 of the songs most listened to today Thursday, December 30

The transmission platform Spotify provides us with your subscribers the list of the 10 most listened to songs in Spain. If you want to know which are the audience’s favorites, you simply have to scroll to the corresponding section in your application.

Alternatively, you can continue reading: you will find a brief description of each of them in the following paragraphs.

1. Dummy

After accumulating 437,120 views, Morad’s hit remains in first place.

2. Morad: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 47

“Morad: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 47” by Bizarrap and Morad is very successful among the users of this platform, after accumulating 405,369 reproductions. Today it continues to be in the second position.

3. Desperate

If we talk about the darlings of the public, we must mention Rauw Alejandro and Chencho Corleone. Perhaps this is why «Desesperados» debuts in the ranking directly in third place, reaching a total of 376,660 views.

4. Red high heels

Sebastian Yatra’s newest, “Red Heels”, goes straight to fourth place on the favorites list. It has already been played 289,086 times. What does the future hold?

5. My Love – Remix

The most recent single from zzoilo and Aitana is already seen as a new classic. «Mon Amour – Remix» enters today with firm step to the list of songs most listened to in this platform of streaming. Currently, it has 285,474 more views.

6. Salimo at Night

“Salimo de Noche” by Tiago PZK and Trueno continues on its unstoppable rise in the charts. Currently, it is ranked 6, since it has achieved a total of 259,204 views.

7. LA FAMA (with The Weeknd)

A number as favorable as 258,763 views is not enough to continue advancing in the ranking. Thus, the fact that it was a success for ROSALÍA is losing places in the list of the most listened to songs. Today it is placed in seventh position.

8. Formentera

After having been played 234,162 times, “Formentera” by Aitana and Nicki Nicole ranks as one of the favorite songs on the charts. Today it is ranked 8th.


Trueno’s “DANCE CRIP” is on the decline: it is now in ninth position. Its 231,400 reproductions have not been enough to overcome the fall.

10. Nostalgic

Reap hits is synonymous with Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called “Nostálgico”, debuted in tenth place at that time. Who else could boast 221,993 first-entry views?

Do you already know which is the platform with the best musical offer? Spotify, of course!

Its intention is for users to recognize their best-ranked songs in terms of popular popularity in Spain. Thus, they will spend more hours connected to your streaming.

Tune in to their channels to keep up to date with the best in this and other countries.


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