Priista Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez fell for human trafficking in CDMX

(Photo: CDMX Prosecutor’s Office)

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City released the Capture of Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre, former leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the capital of the country, for crimes of human trafficking in its form of sexual exploitation.

According to the first reports, the Public Ministry of the Gender Crimes Investigation Coordination requested and obtained a search warrant against the PRI, who He was captured on December 29 by agents of the Investigative Police (PDI).

The intelligence work coordinated between the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Trafficking in Persons, the National Intelligence Center and the Special Reaction and Intervention Group allowed the politician’s arrest.

Gutierrez de la Torre will be transferred to agency 50 of the Public Ministry to continue with his judicial process and hearings to determine if he is linked to the process and be imprisoned, if the judge so determines.

(Photo: CDMX Prosecutor's Office)
(Photo: CDMX Prosecutor’s Office)

In a photograph of the moment of his arrest, shared with Infobae Mexico by the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office, two agents of the Space Reaction and Intervention Group (GERI) protecting the PRI on the outskirts of a building allegedly located in the Tlalpan mayor’s office.

Disheveled, with cropped and tousled hair, a purple sweatshirt with Batman’s crest, a red mask, black pants and with an obvious weight loss, it was how they found the leader of the capital’s tricolor, who is also called Prince of trash.

It should be remembered that just last October it was announced that Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez obtained an amparo to avoid the arrest warrant against him, which was drawn from March 2021.

“I know SURPRISE in the present amparo trial filed by *****, regarding the arrest warrant claimed from the authorities specified in the third recital, for the reasons set forth there, ”reads the version published in the lists of the Fourteenth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City.

In the complainants section the name of Gutierrez de la Torre, according to file 470/2021 consulted by this means. However, until that moment, there was no public version of the sentence to understand the scope of the resolution.

* Information in development …

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