Old-age insurance: CSU calls for a single parent pension

Status: 12/30/2021 3:43 a.m.

The CSU wants to improve the position of single parents in the future and is demanding a separate pension for this group. According to the media report, this emerges from a draft resolution. In addition, the party reiterated its call for a generation fund.

The CSU regional group in the Bundestag is calling for a separate pension for single parents. This emerges from a draft resolution for the retreat of the regional group, which will take place next week in Berlin.

“Single parents often have a double responsibility on their own. Many work part-time and cut back on their earnings and thus also the acquisition of pension points,” quotes the “Welt” from the paper. “We therefore want to introduce a single parent’s pension with surcharges on child-rearing times for the time as a single parent or single parent.”

Claiming the single parent tax relief should serve as an indication that someone was a single parent for a certain period of time. According to the CSU idea, this should be financed from tax revenues.

CSU wants maternal pensions and generational funds

At the same time, the CSU reiterates its call for an expansion of the so-called mother’s pension and for a fourth pillar in the pension: a generation fund. The idea behind this is that the state pays 100 euros per month into a fund from the time a citizen is born. The state subsidy ends at the age of 18 and the adult can continue to contribute to the fund independently.

According to the CSU, the goal is to fill the pension gap by each and every one receiving an additional generation pension in the future and thereby effectively avoiding old-age poverty.

“A fair pension system includes the recognition of lifetime achievement. That is why we want to complete the maternal pension with the third pension point and demand special consideration of the benefits of single parents in the pension”, said state group leader Alexander Dobrindt. In addition, they rely on the principle of “making provisions earlier instead of working longer”.


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