More than 7 billion pesos from a ‘drop by drop’ loan network entered domain extinction

Extinction of domain to assets valued at more than 7 billion from a network of ‘drop by drop’ loans / Attorney General’s Office (Attorney General’s Office /)

An important blow against the crime that plagues the country was given in the last hours by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, after he achieved the capture and prosecution of 10 alleged members of a criminal network indicated to lend money in the ‘drop by drop’ mode, who are also accused of coordinating the illegal activity in Risaralda, and taking it to other departments and populations of Ecuador.

With the support of the SIJIN of Pereira, it imposed precautionary measures on 39 properties, furniture, companies and commercial establishments that belong to a criminal organization dedicated to ‘drop by drop’ loans, which have affected a large part of Colombians in many areas from the country”, Affirmed the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado.

According to the investigations, the people who made up the network, apparently, threatened and displaced families from their homes to ensure the payment of the debts and the exaggerated interest they imposed, which represented them millionaire daily cash earnings.

Now, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that with these monies collected the organization would have acquired several high-end vans, each one valued at more than 300’000,000 pesos; as well as different houses in exclusive sectors of different cities of the country and other goods.

Additionally, during the procedures for the capture of the accused, the authorities found 500 grams of gold, 35,000,000 pesos and 410 dollars cash.

Due to these facts, a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Money Laundering charged the alleged members of the ‘drop by drop’ structure with the crimes of money laundering, illicit enrichment of individuals, financing of criminal groups, illegal constraint and conspiracy to commit a crime. However, the charges were not accepted by the defendants.

Among those linked to the investigation is the designated leader of the criminal network, identified as Rusbel Alexander Castro Calambas, aka ‘Chorro’. According to the entity, there is evidence that this man along with his organization contributed resources to the armed apparatus of the ‘Cordillera’ criminal structure, which has interference in the Coffee Region.

Extinction of domain to properties

Parallel to the criminal proceeding, the Specialized Directorate for the Extinction of Property Rights imposed precautionary measures to suspend the device power, seizure, seizure and take possession of a total of 39 properties, furniture, companies, commercial establishments and shares that would belong to the people who would be involved in the illicit loans.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the goods, whose commercial value amounts to 7,700 million pesos, were occupied in proceedings carried out with the support of the Police National in Medellín, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Copacabana (Antioquia); Manizales and Aránzazu (Caldas); Pitalito (Huila), Ipiales (Nariño) and Cajibío (Cauca).

Likewise, he made it clear that the properties, according to research, would have been acquired with money resulting from the loan of money at high interest, and other behaviors associated with this illegal activity such as threats Y forced displacement against debtors.

The criminal network responsible for the crimes would be made up since 2010 by at least 10 people, who reported financial movements and purchases, in cash, of expensive properties, without having the economic capacity to support the transactions.


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