Monica Delta said goodbye to the radio program very sad: why did she make this drastic decision?

Monica Delta said goodbye to “Ampliación de Noticias”. 8Photo: Instagram)

With a cracked voice, Monica Delta aannounced his retirement from his radio program “Ampliación de Noticias”. This morning of December 29, the journalist said goodbye to the space she shared with Fernando Carvallo and Carlos Villarreal.

But why did you make this decision? In this note we explain it to you. The experienced journalist pointed out that the decision was made by a very powerful decision.

“Today I have to make an announcement to all my colleagues that I love so much here at RPP. I am taking some time, a bit long, for a university job that I am going to do from the end of January and I will not be with you “said Monica Delta.

“I hope – hopefully – return soon, as soon as possible. I am taking the personal break that is also necessary. This house is always mine and it will be mine and I am so sorry and I want it that way and I just say thank you to all of you for your love, for your support and for everything ”, she said quite embarrassed.

He also explained that he will only work part time.

“Anyway! … I will be in the journalistic fight, but part time, because I will have to share it with these university studies that I am mentioning, after 40 years of work. I take a little time and hopefully around the corner I’ll be with you “, he limited.

For their part, his driving companions, Fernando Carvallo and Carlos Villarreal, did not hesitate to dedicate a few words to him, hoping that he would return very soon.

The journalists presented her with an arrangement of tulips, further moving the driver. “They want to make me cry and they are not going to make it,” he said.

“Life is an apprenticeship and RPP will always be my home”, Monica concluded.

Pedro Castillo: Mónica Delta provided details of her meeting with the President of the Republic
Pedro Castillo: Mónica Delta provided details of her meeting with the President of the Republic


On December 22, Government Palace was the venue for an expected meeting: President Pedro Castillo He started a conversation with five journalists to give details of the new communication plan that he wants to implement. Along with Jaime Chincha, Fernando Carvallo and Mávila Huertas, Pedro Tenorio and Mónica Delta attended the meeting on behalf of Latina.

As a matter of courtesy, we went to see what the president of the Republic was proposing and, the truth, the five journalists who were there insisted on the issue of the need for the president to give interviewsDelta pointed out during the central 90-second broadcast.

Since he assumed power, the head of state has not responded to the press about the progress of his government and the scandals that have appeared during the first five months of his mandate. Delta He pointed out that the request for an interview was present during the conversation and, in addition, stressed that he requested respect for the institutionalism of the investiture regardless of who the people are or whether or not one can agree with their positions. “We have insisted that the criticism remains, the investigation remains and that is our job. It is not a subject of enmities, it is a subject of journalistic work regarding the power of the day”He added.


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