Ministry of Defense examines threat video on compulsory vaccination

Status: December 30, 2021 5:10 p.m.

The Federal Ministry of Defense is examining a video that has been circulated on the Internet. In the clip, a man in uniform makes massive threats against the state because of the corona measures and the compulsory vaccination.

By Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio

The Federal Ministry of Defense speaks of “threats against the rule of law that are unacceptable”. It refers to a threatening message circulating on the Internet. In the approximately one-minute video, a man dressed in camouflage uniform identifies himself as a sergeant major and says: “This is a warning.” He gives politicians a kind of ultimatum and demands a statement “see you tomorrow”. The man’s demand: to withdraw the corona protective measures and the mandatory vaccination for nurses and soldiers.

Kai Küstner
ARD capital studio

When asked, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said “the facts and possible consequences are already being examined”. The ministry initially did not provide any further information – with reference to legal reasons.

Call to “fight”

The right-wing extremism and social media expert Josef Holnburger points out on Twitter that the man was no stranger to the scene and had already become conspicuous before: He had called for violence and “fight” in open letters. In another video, which is said to be from yesterday, the same man can apparently be seen at an event talking about “corpses that are scattered in fields”, possibly referring to government representatives.

Zero tolerance against right-wing extremists

Initially, the Bundeswehr did not officially confirm that it was one of its soldiers. The troops had already adopted a zero tolerance line towards right-wing extremists a long time ago, or more precisely: Since a series of scandalous incidents at the KSK elite unit became known, whereupon the command was reorganized.

In October, the Bundeswehr secret service MAD exposed a suspected right-wing extremist in the Ministry of Defense. Legally, however, it is often difficult for the troops to get rid of soldiers who have had behavioral problems.

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