Mexico City cancels mass celebrations but maintains economic activity

Mexico City cancels massive end-of-year celebrations due to covid-19Mexico, Dec 29 2021 (AFP) – The mayor of Mexico City canceled the massive end-of-year celebrations on Tuesday, including a massive concert, as a preventive measure against a Slight increase in COVID-19 infections, capital authorities reported in a statement that a concert by the popular Los Ángeles Azules group, which would take place on the tourist Paseo de la Reforma on December 31, was canceled. “It is a matter of precaution. seeing that there is an increase in cases, but it is not an alarm, but a measure to avoid a greater number of infections, “the mayor explained in the document. The government of Mexico City also announced that starting this Thursday the Christmas verbena (popular festival) that takes place in the Zócalo (central square) since December 16 and has attracted about 90,000 attendees daily. Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum clarified in her press conference because these actions do not mean closing economic activities, even in the face of the new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, of which 42 cases are registered in Mexico, according to the Ministry of Health.Mexico is one of the countries that performs the least tests in the world with an average of 0.1 per 1,000 inhabitants in December, according to a monitoring by the University of Oxford. Both local and federal authorities have recognized a slight increase in cases, especially in northern states and in the capital, but hospitalizations and deaths remain stable, which is attributed to vaccination. According to official figures, as of November 94% of those over 18 years of age living in the capital, with some 9 million inhabitants, had the complete vaccination scheme. The mayor explained this Tuesday that 52% of those over 60 years of age in the capital also already have a booster dose and that in the coming weeks it is expected to cover this entire sector. Mexico, of 126 million inhabitants, registered until this Tuesday 3.9 million infections and almost 300,000 deaths, according to official

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