Magaly Medina makes fun of Andrés Hurtado: “He signed a contract for Mexico but I still see him in Peru”

Magaly Medina laughs at Andrés Hurtado. (Photo: Instagram / TV capture)

This December 29, Magaly Medina presented her special program, where she issued the most outstanding reports of the year. It is here when the TV host recalled that time her team traveled to Mexico to witness the signing of Andrés Hurtado with TV Azteca. After announcing a note about this fact, he did not hesitate to ask himself when the presenter travels to charro lands to carry out that promoted space.

As it is remembered, Andrés Hurtado was received in Mexico with great fanfare and cymbals, as he represented the new fan of Mexican television.

“He signed a contract for Mexico but I keep seeing him in Peru”, indicated the driver with a laugh. “He said goodbye, a journalistic team from my program traveled, interviewed him, saw him displaced in high-end cars, signed his contract in a super office, received him as a version of Laura Bozzo, but until now we don’t see him on television , because he signed for Azteca. So far we do not see it in any program “, Medina limited with a smile.

This is how he announced the report they prepared on that contract signing and all its luxuries in Mexico, where they had even given him an apartment in Mexico City.

“But until now we continue to see him in Peru, when is his program in Peru going to end and are he going there? We don’t know, suddenly next year “said the journalist.


On the other hand, many users of social networks have asked when will be the auction of the expensive Gucci brand portfolio that Andrés Hurtado gave to Magaly Medina.

As it is recalled, the TV host gave the journalist this luxurious present. This as a kind of gratitude for always supporting the entrepreneurship of his daughters Josetty and Gennesis Hurtado.

And although at first she showed her excitement, Magaly Medina announced that she will auction the portfolio and the money will be donated to a popular dining room.

However, to date nothing is known about the auction and users have not forgotten that promise. “When is the auction for?”, You can read on social networks. We will surely have something new for the beginning of the year 2022.

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