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Status: 12/30/2021 4:31 a.m.

The Robert Koch Institute reports 42,770 new corona infections and a slightly increased seven-day incidence of 207.4. The SPD chairwoman Esken is against an Omikron lockdown for vaccinated people and school closings.

  • RKI: Incidence increases slightly to 207.4
  • City Association calls for more tests and laboratory capacity
  • Cyprus tightened measures
  • Esken against lockdown and school closings

04:24 am

Incidence increases slightly to 207.4

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 42,770 new corona infections within 24 hours. That’s 2157 fewer cases than on Thursday a week ago when 44,927 positive tests were reported.

The nationwide seven-day incidence rises to 207.4 from 205.5 the previous day. The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the corona virus in the past seven days.

383 other people died from the virus. This increases the number of reported deaths within one day to 111,602. In total, more than 7.1 million corona tests have so far been positive in Germany. The RKI points out that fewer tests are carried out during the holidays and at the turn of the year and therefore fewer cases are likely to be reported.

02:39 am

Italy expands health passport requirements

The Italian government has announced an expansion of the mandatory Corona health passport due to the increasing number of infections. According to a legislative decree from Wednesday evening, travelers on trains and flights will have to prove 2G status in the future. A negative test result is therefore no longer sufficient. In future, 3G proof will be required in hotels, on restaurant terraces, trade fairs and congresses, as well as in swimming pools and fitness studios. The new measures will take effect on January 10th.

At the same time, the government decided to end the ten-day quarantine for vaccinated or recovered contacts. People who have not been vaccinated must continue to be quarantined for ten days. This relaxation of quarantine regulations is intended to prevent critical sectors such as transportation, where large numbers of quarantined employees have already resulted in numerous train cancellations, from being paralyzed.

1:44 am

Esken against lockdown and school closings

The SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken speaks out against an Omikron lockdown for vaccinated people and school closings. “We think that restaurants, cultural institutions and retail outlets should stay open for vaccinated people if possible,” Esken told the newspapers of the Funke media group. It is true that the number of persons admitted can be further restricted. “But hopefully we don’t have to shut down the country again to provide the necessary protection.”

The SPD chairwoman Esken is against an Omikron lockdown for vaccinated people and school closings.

Image: dpa

Despite the feared increase in the number of infections caused by the Omikron variant, it is her top priority to keep the schools open. Otherwise not only would there be a lack of lessons, but also communication with one another. On January 7th, the federal and state governments will discuss further corona measures.

1:41 am

Cyprus tightened measures

Cyprus is tightening its entry rules in view of the massive increase in the number of corona infections. From January 4 to 15, every traveler must show a negative PCR test upon arrival, which was carried out no more than 48 hours before departure, said Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas on Wednesday after an emergency cabinet meeting.

The government also imposed a ban on dancing and expanded the obligation to work from home. Companies have to let 40 percent of their employees work from home – twice as many as before. Visitors to nightclubs, weddings, and venues are also required to be double-vaccinated and tested negative. This test requirement does not apply to people with a booster vaccination. Hospital visits have been banned, and sports stadiums are only allowed to occupy 50 percent of the seats.

1:39 am

Experts call for a concept for schools

Education experts are urgently demanding concepts from politics for running schools in the impending next corona wave with the Omikron virus variant. The chairman of the Association of Education and Upbringing (VBE), Udo Beckmann, asked for a meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs at short notice. The principle of “close your eyes and through” has not worked several times in the pandemic: “That ends with the greatest possible damage, namely the closing of all schools,” warned Beckmann in the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”.

Education experts are urgently calling for concepts for running schools in the impending next wave of corona caused by the Omikron virus variant.

Image: dpa

The OECD Education Director Andreas Schleicher also complained that Germany had not given schools enough thought. “The lack of a medium-term strategy takes revenge, it is always only about bridging solutions,” he told the newspaper. Such a strategy includes weighing the medium-term consequences of both closing and keeping schools open for the well-being of students, teachers and society at large. It is crucial that schools learn to live with the virus: “For this, investments in infrastructure are just as important as more room for maneuver and responsibility on site.”

1:36 am

City Association calls for more tests and laboratory capacity

In view of the unclear corona data situation, the German Association of Cities is calling on the federal and state governments to enable more tests and laboratory capacities. “In order to further improve the reporting situation and reliable data delivery, the federal and state governments should ensure that the private practices also ensure that the necessary PCR tests are carried out on public holidays such as Christmas and New Year and that sufficient laboratory capacities are available on these days,” said General Manager Helmut Dedy to the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”.

The chain of reports from the federal states to the Robert Koch Institute must also go well on these days. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach said on Wednesday that the actual corona incidence was probably two to three times as high as officially recorded. The background to this is that in view of vacations and public holidays, fewer tests are being carried out at work and in doctor’s offices. In addition, fewer corona test results would be forwarded because there is a lack of staff in the health authorities.

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