India surpasses 10,000 cases of covid-19 in full expansion of omicron


New Delhi, Dec 30 (EFE) .- India surpassed the barrier of 10,000 cases of coronavirus on Thursday amid the rapid rise in infections by the omicron variant, which already reaches 961 infections and threatens to reverse the recovery curve after several weeks of steady decline.
The Asian country reported a total of 13,154 new cases of coronavirus, 43 percent more than last day, in which just over 9,000 positives were reported.
After several weeks experiencing a sustained decline, India once again exceeded the barrier of 10,000 daily cases, a rise that is mainly attributed to the increase in cases of the new variant of covid, which has already been detected in 22 Indian states, and which It threatens to cause a third wave if it is not stopped in time.
Although the total sample analyzed, or the proportion of each variant detected, is not yet known, the 961 omicrons detected in the country in less than a month suggest that there are more and more cases of this variation.
Most of the positives by omicron are concentrated mainly in New Delhi, where so far 263 cases have been registered; and in the western state of Maharashtra, the worst hit by the pandemic, with 252 cases, according to the latest report issued by the country’s Ministry of Health.
The Indian capital, which has seen an exponential increase in cases for several days, reported 923 new positives in the last 24 hours, quadrupling the number of infections from just a week ago (195).
For its part, Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai, reported 3,900 new coronavirus infections in a single day, after yesterday surpassing a thousand infections after several weeks reporting a few hundred cases.
Despite the upward trend in the data, active cases in the country remain below 1% of total infections and the positivity rate stands at 1.2%, figures that are still far from those of the last March, when the worst of the pandemic was yet to come.
India went through a virulent wave of infections in mid-April and May that reached 400,000 cases and 4,500 deaths a day and left images of hospitals on the brink of collapse, saturated crematoriums and a crisis in supplies and medical oxygen.
All in all, the country adds 34.8 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and the 268 deaths reported in the last 24 hours bring the total of deaths to 480,860, thus being the second most affected nation in absolute terms, only by behind the United States (53.6 million).

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