Incheon Airport subcontractor to sit on the street starting in the new year

▲ Incheon International Airport transfer tour workers belonging to the Yeongjong Special Branch of the Public Transport Workers’ Union hold a press conference in front of the Blue House fountain on the morning of the 29th to ask for employment succession.

Incheon International Airport transfer tour workers are at risk of losing their jobs in the process of changing service providers.

The Yeongjong Special Branch of the Public Transport Union held a press conference in front of the Blue House on the morning of the 29th and urged “Incheon International Airport Corporation to withdraw the plan to reduce the workforce for the transfer tour and promise to transfer all employees.”

Incheon International Airport Corporation provides a transit tour service for transit passengers. For the past 4 years, Hana Tour ITC has been entrusted with this business. Due to the prolonged Corona 19, external tours have been suspended, and currently only Incheon International Airport internal tours are being conducted. Transit tour workers have been on unpaid and paid leave repeatedly since May last year.

In a public call for operators to operate a transfer tour for two years from January 1, next year to December 31, 2023, the KAC specified the minimum manpower to be 16 in 2022 and 22 in 2023. Currently, at Hana Tour ITC, 35 people, including 5 migrant workers, are engaged in the transfer tour business. The new company decided to take over some of its employees and hire new employees for the rest. As a result, about 20 people are not expected to be hired. Hana Tour ITC did not participate in the bidding.

On the 27th, Hana Tour ITC said, “As of December 31st, Incheon Airport and transfer tour related business will be terminated. Please submit your resignation letter.” The branch argued that the management was forcing them to resign even though some workers had to be converted to indefinite contract workers in accordance with the fixed-term and part-time worker protection laws (the fixed-term contract law). A branch official pointed out, “It is illegal to dismiss a worker who has worked continuously for more than two years in the form of voluntary resignation.”

At a press conference on the same day, a transfer tour worker, Mr. Son, raised his voice, saying, “From the first day of the new year, workers working in public institutions have been kicked out.” Ali, a migrant worker from Pakistan, said, “I want to continue to have opportunities to introduce Incheon International Airport and Korea.

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