How Penelope Menchaca looked when she was a singer

Penelope Menchaca is one of the best known conductors of TV Azteca, rose to fame for the famous reality show 12 hearts but something that his fans were unaware of is that before that belonged to a musical group.

On December 26, several videos were viralized in TikTok where Penelope is seen with a completely different look, with blonde hair and in addition to wearing a little particular outfit and is accompanied by three other women. The followers of the television presenter were very astonished, because they did not take long to recognize her and something that caught their attention was that they did not know that Menchaca had his stage as a singer.

The clips are excerpts from a presentation that Penelope Menchaca did on the show Let’s play. The musical group was called The girls, which was run by his parents and two of his sisters were also part of the members.

After the group disintegrated, in 2004 Penelope signed a contract withn 1994 and they were promoting their songs, which were accompanied by choreographies that Internet users applauded, as they were surprised by the energy that Penelope put into singing and dancing.

The musical group to which the famous belonged, promoted her songs since 1994 (Photo: Twitter)

“Our parents are the directors of the group and my mother edits us some songs and we have other choreographers,” replied Penelope Menchaca, visibly tired, since The choreography they presented looked complex, for the same reason the internet users highlighted that they were very difficult steps for the singers, however they congratulated their participation.

One of the clips already has more than 15 thousand “likes” In Tik Tok, she was also filled with different comments: “Always super outgoing, confident and knows how to lead a conversation very well”, “Penelope looked like ‘Celostina’ from Rush hour, “Since then he made his typical gestures but I thought he only acted them”, “The truth looks very pretty”, among others.

Menchaca was 19 years old and worked with his sisters Soraya and Vanessa, as well as with the driver Anayanssi Moreno, with whom he had several live and television appearances for more than 10 years.

No matter what The girls it disintegrated, The Menchaca sisters remain united, because despite the passage of time they usually appear in public constantlyIn the same way, on social networks, where they share family photographs or some memories, as on one occasion that Soraya Menchaca showed a photograph of when they celebrated their birthday together and looked very happy.

The driver has always been close to her sisters (Photo: Instagram / @ sorayamenchaca)

After the group disintegrated, in 2004 Penelope signed a contract with Telemundo and became the host of the show 12 hearts and five years later she returned to Mexico to be the owner of 12 Hearts: Heading to the Altar, an updated version with the special participation of Televisa.

Her last appearances were as a host of TV Azteca where he has been successful with productions such as Come the joy, Falling in love Y Universal Mexican, where he was a judge along with Lupita Jones.

Penelope became known mainly for the reality show “12 hearts” (Photo: Instagram/@menchaca.oficial)


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